Album Darkness Surfboard Review – Funboard for Summer

Album Darkness Surfboard Review – Funboard for Summer

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Album Darkness surfboard review

You don’t need me to tell you that the Album Darkness board will float you.

What might require a bit more thinking, is deciding what fins to use with this board.

When you put a huge single fin in the board, it makes it feel very stable and also a little bit slower as it moves down the line. That’s actually one of the reasons that longboards meant for noseriding use such big single fins.

With a big single fin, you can scoot up farther on the board and still feel very stable as you glide and trim forward on the water. Even with your weight far forward, a fin that is big and deep can keep things incredibly stable behind you.

With a quad fin setup, you might feel more drift in the tail behind you as the board moves forward in the water.

Generally speaking, in a board like the Darkness, you can surf more foward with easier glide and trim and smooth flow down the line, if you set it up with a big single fin.
And you can ride the board with your stance farther back, with more drive and “pumpability” if you set it up as a quad.

If you look at the Darkness outline, you can see it’s probably best suited for trimming and gliding with your weight at about the middle point or possible forward. This is because of how narrow the tail is, relative to how wide the board becomes towards the middle.

This board is very thick, probably 1/8″ thicker than other comparable boards. This contributes to a lot of “on the water” feel, not “down in the water” feeling.

So if you’re new to surfing and want a board that will help your wave count, or if you just don’t want to work very hard for your waves, the Darkness will give you what you’re looking for. Best surfed in waves from 6 inches to 4 feet, especially when they have crumbly lips and wide open faces.


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