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Lost Couch Potato Review

$100 for a foam longboard (Wavestorm) from Costco is a great deal.

I even snapped mine in half, and they replaced it for free.

The Wavestorm can make even the smallest summer days fun to surf. But there’s just not much you can do on it. Some floaters maybe, but that’s about it. At least for me.

I started wondering if it was possible to make a surfboard that was the same volume as a Wavestorm, but only around 6′ long. I did some research, and apparently Wavestorms have about 80 liters of volume.

The biggest Couch Potato is 45 liters, but I actually couldn’t find a shop that carried that size. I saw a 5’10” (40.8 liters) on sale at (maybe because …Lost just came out with the Bean Bag?). Normal price $710, sale price $500.

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O'Neill Psycho III Review

When I bought my first O’Neill Psycho III wetsuit in the fall of 2013, I was stoked.
In the past I had some issues with cheaper wetsuits… the necks would “rot” from my sunscreen or whatever reason, or something else on the suit would fall apart.

But now I could finally afford a top-of-the-line wetsuit.

After plopping down $500 or so at the surf shop, I was in heaven.

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