Channel Islands #4 Surfboard Review – Good Enough for Dane

Channel Islands #4 Surfboard Review – Good Enough for Dane

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Channel Islands #4 Review

The Channel Islands #4 was Dane Reynolds’ favorite board when it came out. Time has passed, and he’s moved on to other boards, but it’s still interesting to take a look at this one.

The goal of this board is performance surfing in small waves. This means that the outline, bottom contours, and volume distribution, do a really good job of planing in small waves, which allows more tail rocker to be used.

One of the most noticeable things on the #4 are the bumps on the tail outline. In this case, bump is not just another word for wing. Wings, such as those on the Weirdo Ripper, have sharp 90 degree angles. The bumps on the #4 are a lot more rounded and smooth.

Those bumps don’t serve the purpose of providing release points for tighter pivot. They instead have the purpose of straightening out the rail line for increased drive and forward projection.

Surf the Channel Islands #4 in knee to shoulder high mushy waves if you’re really athletic and into high performance surfing.


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