Channel Islands DFR Surfboard Review – All Hail King Dane

Channel Islands DFR Surfboard Review – All Hail King Dane

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Channel Islands DFR Surfboard Review

Dane Fucking Reynolds. That’s what you think when you watch him surf, and that’s what this board is named (although acronym’d to avoid complaints).

Everybody wants to surf like Dane (or at least everyone used to, he’s been falling off the radar recently), so the DFR is extremely popular.

Lots of rocker on the DFR makes it extremely maneuverable. This is a performance shortboard.

Watch Dane do what he does best, in cold heavy beachbreaks:

The tail rocker really helps with tight quick maneuvers, as well as landing airs. It can provide a bit of “cushion” as you land, and helps you rotate around in the wave.

Surfers who like loose surfboards with flow in the pocket, generally will like this kind of tail rocker.
Surfers who like really drivey surfboards, who don’t like surfing so much in the pocket, and aren’t as interested in release in the lip, might be less interested in this extreme of a tail rocker.

When compared to the Fred Rubble, both boards are surfed at roughly the same length. But the DFR has a bit more volume in the rails, and it has a thinner tail. The Fred Rubble has a bit thinner of a rail, and a wider tail. The Rubble also has less rocker, which probably makes it better for driving down the line instead of surfing in the pocket.

Single concave throughout the board. Pinched in nose. You better be a pretty good surfer, surfing pretty good waves if you’re buying this board. Got what it takes?


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