Channel Islands New Flyer Surfboard Review

Channel Islands New Flyer Surfboard Review

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New Flyer Surfboard Review

The New Flyer was the #2 selling surfboard of 2014.

It’s meant for surfing smaller waves, but can handle much more.

Watch Bobby Martinez going to town on one:

The tail of this board is actually straight lines as it narrows, instead of a curve like most boards. This will take away a bit of the flow in your turns, but it helps with quick direction changes.

Double concave on the bottom helps give the New Flyer some extra speed in small waves, and loosens it up a bit.

That being said, it’s not a groveler, so don’t expect it to paddle much faster than your standard shortboard.

Bobby Martinez and Pat Gudauskas love the New Flyer, and clearly a lot of other people do too! Great choice if you’re looking for a new shortboard.


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