Firewire Hashtag Surfboard Review – #ItsTrending

Firewire Hashtag Surfboard Review – #ItsTrending

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Look at Firewire keeping up with the times, using hashtags! Adapt or die, right?

If you look closely, you’ll notice the step rail in the last 12 inches of rail on the Hashtag. This kind of rail helps you keep the planing surface of a tail this wide, without having as much thickness as you would normally have in the rail. That means you have a board that’s abnormally easy to tilt and sink onto a rail, given its width.
This type of rail also adds a bit more bite to the water, so that when you really do want to push into a turn as hard as you can, you’re less like to release and more likely to stay on track with a really tight radius.

Firewire Hashtag

Looking at the bottom of this rail, we can see that the natural curvature of where it meets the hull creates a nice elliptical round outline. This tail shape is designed to feel more down in the water. A wider tail would feel more floaty beneath your foot.

The wide point of the board is towards the back, which helps keep it in control if you need more length to get your desired volume.

Pretty average nose and tail rockers.

If you are an intermediate to advanced surfer, you will probably like the Firewire Hashtag as an everyday shortboard for waves waist high to overhead, as long as the waves have some power and pocket.


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