Firewire Unibrow Surfboard Review – No Shame in a Unibrow!

Firewire Unibrow Surfboard Review – No Shame in a Unibrow!

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Firewire Unibrow surfboard review

When you surf the Unibrow, you may notice how easily it comes up the face off a bottom turn, relative to other shortboards. Especially coming off weak bottom turns.

Compared to other shortboards with narrower tail outlines, the Unibrow is a little bit like taking medicine for weak bottom turns, making it easier for you to make it up the face of a wave without losing momentum. Once you’re at the top of a wave, you notice how easily this board tips over onto a rail in top turns, probably because of the thin rail shape.

You can also notice this when initiating a cutback, because of how easy the board is to tip on a rail, and how nicely it locks into a turn with stability.

You’ll especially notice all this if you ride shortboards with a lot of weight on your back foot, because the Unibrow carries a bit more planing area in the back 1/3rd of the board than usual.

Timmy Reyes catches some chilly waves on his Unibrow:

Paddling this board is a little bit easier than its volume number would lead you to believe, because of the extra thickness up front.

The Unibrow shines most in 4-7 foot waves with a little bit of power, while also surprisingly fun in waist high waves. The versatility of this board makes it a great option for traveling, if you don’t want to haul a bunch of boards around.


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