Panda Fried Till You Die Surfboard Review

Panda Fried Till You Die Surfboard Review

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Panda Fried Till You Die surfboard review

For the amount of weird boards that Ford Archbold rides, this one is fairly normal. Well, besides its name.

The Fried Till You Die is a thicky, with wing placement pretty far forward in the tail. These wings have everything to do with the width of the surfboard, because cutting wings this deep into the outline of the board, narrows the end of the tail significantly.

The wings place a pivot point for you to turn off of, and the farther forward the wings are, the more pivoty and loose the board will feel. This board should pivot tightly, with minimal slide.

The V in the nose will help break up some choppiness in the water, giving you a smoother ride. And the thumbtail adds to the smoothness.


  1. would you consider this board pretty versatile, or better off specialized for small waves? well I guess a better question is what the wave range might be like..

    • It’s a pretty thick board, so it might feel a bit clunky in waves over chest high. It really excels in small waves.

  2. would you consider this board pretty versatile or more strictly for small waves only? and how small are we talking about?

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