Proctor Lil Rascal Surfboard Review

Proctor Lil Rascal Surfboard Review

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Proctor Lil Rascal surfboard review

The Lil Rascal is a really old model, but just in case you’re interested, here’s some info about it.

But first, watch Jay Phillips on this board, messing with all the longboarders at Malibu:

It features a pretty flat deck, with lots of volume extending out toward the rails. The rails stay pretty full and boxy, all the way to the tail.

Not much rocker, but there is some flip in the nose.

Double concave/spiral-V in the tail make it nice and loose.

The Lil Rascal really excels in mushy summertime 1-3 foot waves, if you don’t want to bring out the longboard.


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