Surfing 5-8ft Blacks Beach

Surfing 5-8ft Blacks Beach

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Surfing Blacks Beach
This is a familiar sight if you've ever been to Blacks Beach on a sunny day

To most San Diegans, Blacks Beach is the nude beach.

But for surfers, it’s much more. It’s San Diego’s best beachbreak, and it is usually bigger there than anywhere else in the area, due to the deep underwater canyons that get shallow very quickly.

I filmed one of the first big winter swells on December 5th, that produced 5-8 foot waves at Blacks.

I was hoping to see more barrels and maybe some airs, but I guess all the pro’s are in Hawaii right now 😉
Still plenty of big fun waves!

And if you prefer the raw footage with more clips and no music, here ya go!

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