This Week in Webclips: May 22nd-28th

This Week in Webclips: May 22nd-28th

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Weekly Surfing Clips

Lots of videos this week!

If you’re not out partying, kick back and enjoy a few of these.

Kepa Acero – Homecoming

This man likes to travel! Insightful flick about what traveling means to Kepa.

Son of Kama – The Surfing Piglet

Remember that surfing pig video from a while back? Well that pig has a piglet, and the surfer has a son. Now I really need to teach my dog how to surf this summer!

Summer Dreamin’

One of the most entertaining longboard clips I’ve ever watched!
Corey Colapinto brings a whole new level to the longboard game. Gotta try that on my Wavestorm…

Surf in Siberia

Not sure if this can be classified as a webclip, since it’s 25 minutes long, but here it is.
These guys surf some gnarly icy waves in Russia… a little too cold for my taste.

Kelly’s Wave – Looking into the Future

Can’t get enough of Kelly’s wave? Here’s the latest edit they just dropped.

#MassiveMonday at Cloudbreak

It wasn’t very good, but it sure was big! Aaron Gold almost drowned, and a bunch of other guys caught some [imperfect but huge] bombs.


It’s an ad for their surfboards, but damn the editing is nice! How did they get so low with that drone!?

Billabong Team Surfs Ultimate Party Wave

Free wine + tidal bores = fun.

Common Ground

More cold water surfing, this time in Canada.
With Pete Devries, Michael Darling, Logan Landry and Shannon Brown.


2 days in France with Charly Martin.

Welcome Home

Cody Thompson living it up on the East Coast.

Garrett Parkes and Harry Bryant in New Zealand


Whatever Beach : Griffin Colapinto

Get your 80’s vibes on.

Samuel Pupo

The 15-year-old brother of Miguel Pupo has some moves!

Lost Track Part 3, Victoria

Torren Martyn twin-finning at Bell’s Beach.

“OUR KIND” Of West

Noa Deane and Josh Kerr show us what Western Australia is all about.

License to Chill: Island Oscillation

My personal favorite video from this week.
Mason Ho knows how to have FUN!



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