This Week in Webclips: May 5th-11th

This Week in Webclips: May 5th-11th

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Weekly Surf Clips

Plenty of big wave action happened this week, watch below and tell us what your favorite clip is!

Taj Burrow and The Mad Hueys

There’s probably not a more entertaining company/brand in the surf world than The Mad Hueys.
Good surfing, good music, and lots of funny.
This clip showcases Day 2 of the Komune Bali Pro.

Tyler HollmerCross Surfs Shipsterns

Paddling in at one of the sketchiest waves in the world!

Heavy Wipeout at Puerto Escondido

This one might win the XXL Wipeout of the Year award!!
Featuring Pedro Calado.

Hurley Youth in Australia

This video showcases some of the young talent on the Hurley team.
And there is plenty of talent!
Skip to 2:40 for the actual surfing.

Mikey Wright Growing Up

Mikey is the little bro of Owen and Tyler Wright.
His siblings recommended not getting burned out on the contest circuit while he’s still so young (18), so he’s been focusing on freesurf trips like this.

Jack Freestone, Something is Calling

Jack may not be winning contests, but he won Alana’s heart, and that’s even better right?
Watch him slay some tropical waves in the Telos Islands:

Crispy Grindz

The Italian 17 year old Leo Fioravanti absolutely kills it in this edit from the past winter in Hawaii.

Down Days – Palestine & Old Jaffa

The Gudauskas brothers are known for always being happy and entertaining.
In their new “Down Days” series with Redbull, they travel the world and surf… pretty much what everyone dreams of doing.
This is more a tour of the area than it is surfing, but still a pretty decent watch.



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