This Week in Webclips: October 18th-24th

This Week in Webclips: October 18th-24th

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Weekly surf clips
(Screen grab from the Mad Hueys clip)

Fall is here, and it seems like there is fun surf everywhere!

Here’s what happened in the past week of surf clips online…

I S L A N D’ S – S H A D E S

Indo got really crowded in the last few years, but Roberto D’Amico proves that there are still some empty waves around the Islands. The short has been filmed in Sumbawa, Sumatra, Lombok and Bali Featuring his team mate Mikala Jones and friend Mattia Morri.
(trippy filters ahead)

Felipe Toledo – Two Sessions in Europe

French beachbreaks anyone?

Little Things

Billy Stairmand knows how to whip… but can he nae nae?


He’s 12 years old.
All he does is surf.
It shows.

The Mad Hueys – Out of Bounds

“It was like 6+, and he’s droppin in. And it’s peakin, it’s barrelin, he’s coming off the top, he’s getting annihilated, and he does a 360 drop back in”


Pat Curren is the 19 year old son of three time world champ Mr Tom Curren.
Can you tell?

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