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About Steve

SteveHi, I'm Steve!

I was born and rasied in a small Wisconsin town, and I moved to San Diego CA around 2009 so I could surf.
I also lived in Kauai for 7 months, so I could surf without a wetsuit. Life's better in boardshorts ;)

I want everyone to enjoy surfing as much as I do, and that is why I have created these products.

About The Name Ho Stevie!

Ian The story starts just as any good story does, with a homeless pink-haired musician.

This man's name is Ian.

Ian is kind of like the Dos Equis guy, really interesting. Let's fast forward to the point in time when he had to sell his landshark painted purple Volkswagen 5-speed convertible. This left him with only a bike or skateboard to get to my house, from his boat, where he lived.

Ian also likes to break and lose every phone in his possession, so it's kind of like communicating in the 90s. Except without a home phone either. And if his phone isn't broken or lost, the battery is dead.
We would somehow set up a time to surf the next day, and he would show up outside of my house and yell "Ho Stevie!".
Because he wants to be Hawaiian, obviously.
And who doesn't!? So much aloha.
That's it. Great name for a company, I know ;)

About The Mouth Mount

Ho Stevie Mouth Mounts After watching so many pro surfers using mouth mount to get crazy POV shots, I decided to search Google and see if I could buy one myself.

Guess what? Nobody was selling them!

As insane as it might sound, the only thing I could find were Youtube videos and articles explaining how to make your own mouth mount. And they weren't pretty.
The pro's had been using these homemade mounts for a year or two at this point. It still blows my mind why nobody had manufactured a legitimate mouth mount yet.

I talked to my engineering friends, and began developing the Ho Stevie mouth mount.

And here we are today.

I wanted to give surfers, boogieboarders, and anyone else who wants hands-free POV GoPro footage, the best product possible.

Why would we limit it to one or two colors? We want you to fine-tune your mouthpiece to get the color scheme exactly how you want it. You're spending money on it, and you deserve to have options.

Why would we make you buy everything in a package? Again, we want to give you options. Buy the mouth mount by itself if you want. Add a floaty if you want. Add a leash if you want. And of course you can order the bolts, floats, and leashes separately if you want to stock up or have a variety.

We care about you, and we want you to have options. Want something that you don't see? Contact us and let's make it happen!