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GoPro Bolt/Screw

GoPro Bolt/Screw

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Regular Price: $15.99

Special Price $9.99



Upgrade Your Bolt

Made with anodized aluminum and stainless steel, these GoPro bolts are virtually indestructible! You're going to want to upgrade from the standard plastic bolt that comes with every GoPro.

Swap your old plastic screw for one of these high-quality ones. Our bolts are compatible with any GoPro accessory that uses the standard bolt... these are the same length! (These are the exact bolts that we use for our GoPro Mouth Mounts)

The colors are anodized onto the aluminum, so it will never wear off, no matter what abuse you put it through. Rise above the crowd, with a colored GoPro bolt from Ho Stevie!

GoPro Bolts

Green Bolt (Honu Screw)

Green GoPro Bolt Tap into the powers of the ancient Honu, with this green Gopro bolt.

"Honu" is what the Hawaiians call green sea turtles. Like Squirt and Crush from Finding Nemo. These turtles will often have a green mossy/algae substance on their backs... our inspiration for this Honu Screw.

Much like a Honu in Hawaii, you might find yourself being stared at by tourists when you use the Green Honu Screw with your GoPro. Fear not, just remember to stay out of their reach. If you got it, flaunt it!

These turtles often swim long distances, and so we recommend this bolt for surfers, kayakers, stand-up-paddlers, and of course snorkelers/divers. Also great for senior citizens, as Honus can live to 80+ years!

Use the green Honu Screw with your GoPro, and harness this animal's amazing beauty and aura.

Blue Bolt (Ernest Hemingway)

Blue GoPro Bolt Old man and the sea. Ernest Hemingway. Mac Miller. Ocean.

The beauty of the blue screw will wash over you, like a massive NW swell at Sunset Beach. Be careful not to drown in amazement. Breathe little fella, it's only a bolt.

Surfers use this blue bolt to:
  • Increase their rail game. (this might not be the best bolt for doing airs)
  • "Become one" with the ocean, which basically means more balance and less chop and bobble.
  • Carve 360's like Buttons
  • Camouflage themselves from sharks
  • Duck dive like John John Florence:

Red Bolt (Devilish Debbie)

Red GoPro Bolt Just looking at this picture probably has your heart rate increasing, body temperature rising, and your angry buttons getting pushed.
Does that even make sense? Maybe not, but at this point you are too furious to figure it out! Grrr...

Now, Ho Stevie is all about good vibes and having fun, but we know some of you out there are just plain cranky. If you punch any surfer that drops in on you, this is your bolt.

The Devilish Debbie.

While designing this one, we did a lot of research on evil things, such as devils. And while Stevie swears he saw a blue devil's finger with a yellow fingernail, the general consensus is that devils are red. And so is this screw.
Combine that with the image of your mother (Debbie, for example) finding out that you were late to school because the waves were epic, and you can clearly see why we call this screw the Devilish Debbie.

Perfect for:
  • Angry motocross riders
  • Angsty teens
  • GWAR fans
  • Evil geniuses recording their destruction with GoPro's
  • Angry/jealous ex-girlfriends/ex-boyfriends

Gold Bolt (Honey Do You Love Me)

Gold GoPro Bolt For winners.

Named the "Honey Do You Love Me" bolt, because everyone loves a champion!

What do all of these people have in common?
  • Kelly Slater
  • Laird Hamilton
  • Kanye West
  • Big Sean
  • Garrett Reynolds
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Jay-Z
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Drake

They are all winners, with gold diggers chasing after them.

Want to be a winner too? Pop one of these gold bolts onto your favorite GoPro mount or accessory.

Light Gray Bolt (Shine Bright Like a Diamond)

Light Gray GoPro Bolt Shinier than Shaun White's teeth after he chews Stride gum.

If you're trying to land a McTwist, this is the bolt for you. I guess we could have called it the "corkscrew screw" but we decided on Shine Bright Like a Diamond.

This is a bolt for real go-getters.

The man or woman who likes to get things done. Who isn't afraid to get dirty, but still likes to shine bright.

Are you motivated enough to rock the light gray bolt on your GoPro?
Nothing against you if you're not ready. There's always next year.

Dark Gray Bolt (Wishbone)

Dark Gray GoPro Bolt Think about this: At Thanksgiving (or whatever holiday you celebrate with a big turkey), what kind of meat does everyone want? That's right, the dark meat.

And everyone wants the dark gray bolt for their GoPro too.

It seems to be built-in to the human brain, almost like "the birds and the bees". We can't explain why everyone wants it, but they do.

If you're trying to be the guy that everyone likes, try carrying one of these bolts in your pocket, wherever you go. It has a sort of sensual energy that will activate natural receptors in females, stimulating them to approach you. Reach out for a friendly hug, and boom, the deal is sealed. Enveloped. Stamped. Signed, sealed, delivered.

Trying to get sponsored? Even easier. Screw one into your GoPro selfie pole and walk around a contest. Go up to each company and ask if you can take a selfie with them. Once they look at your camera with the Whishbone Bolt, they will be wishing for you to ride for them. Or play chess for them. Or whatever you're trying to get sponsored for.

Black Bolt (Django)

Black GoPro Bolt Char broiled. For the hunter and meat eater.

The D is not silent in this one. Say it loud, say it proud. You're packing a black bolt!

It takes a real man to handle the Django Bolt.

If you buy one of these, we fully expect you to hunt/fish/trap an animal, clean/gut it, throw it on the grill and season it perfectly. All while wearing a real beard, of course.

Don't have a beard? Don't buy this bolt please. We want to be clear about one thing: The Django is not for sissies. No girly men allowed. Do you look like Arnold? Then we approve.

Take a note from Shane Dorian's book:

30 Day Guarantee

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great selection
so many good colors, and very durable product
Review by jbangz / (Posted on 8/19/2014)