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How To Make A GoPro Mouth Mount

Let me start off by saying this: Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should.

There are a handful of ways to make your own mouth mount, but you might find that it's really not worth it. First of all, you're going to be spending money no matter what. Whether it's buying thermoplastic, or a different GoPro mount to modify, it's gonna cost you. And then of course there is the comfort/tooth safety factor. It's not fun to bite on a plastic clip, even if you wrap tape around it or whatever else.
So you might want to look at these professional mounts instead:

But if you're really set on making one yourself, here's some videos about how to do it.


Using Head Mount Clip

Let's kick things off with the king of the ocean himself, Mark Healey. This guy is amazing. Not only is he currently one of the top big-wave surfers, but he excels at pretty much everything in the ocean. I think he plays with sharks on the Discovery channel or something.

He recommends:

  • Neoprene tape, a strip of wetsuit, or "something soft so it's not so hard on your teeth"
  • Electric tape
  • GoPro head strap

Step 1: Disassemble the strap(s) from the mount plate. You are going to be biting on the plate. Ouch huh?
Step 2: Cut the neoprene tape and wrap it around the mount plate to soften it.
Step 3: Wrap the electrical tape around the neoprene tape.

So this is an example of why you might prefer to buy a Ho Stevie Mouth Mount. You don't have to waste money on a head strap and accessories, and more importantly you won't break your teeth biting on that mount plate!


Tips From Mic

Mic Bergsma is a really talented deaf guy. He does a lot of extreme sports, and makes a lot of videos on youtube, mostly about GoPro stuff.
In this video he just goes over a few of the ways to repurpose other mounts/clips for your mouth.


Quick Release Clip

Mic recommends using the quick release clip if you only need to record something for like 5 seconds. It's hard on your teeth, and not very secure.


Clip Mount

I'm not sure what exactly this clip is meant to be used for (clip it to your hat maybe?) but of course you can bite on it and have a super ghetto mouth mount.
More comfortable than the quick release clip, but you're still biting on plastic :/


Headstrap Mount

Like Mark Healey showed in the previous video, just remove the straps from this mount. This mount is wider, but it just does not look comfortable. I would probably choose the Clip Mount out of these three, but none of them come close to the Ho Stevie Mount


Swagalicious GoPro Mount

Michi came up with this "swagalicious" mouth mount. It's pretty swag, but not quite Justin Bieber status. I bet JB would put one of ours in his mouth though -
Michi uses a water boiler, but I'm assuming you can also use a regular pot. Not sure how safe this plastic is to melt in food pots though...
The plastic is called polymorph, and you can buy it on Amazon or other sites, or maybe you can even find it at your local Home Depot or something like that. It's basically plastic pellets that you boil, and when they reach a certain temperature they melt together.
You will also need a J-buckle mount for your GoPro.

  • Heat the polymorph plastic until it melts together
  • Pour out the water, wait until the plastic is cool enough, and then grab it
  • Flatten out the plastic, put the J-buckle mount on top, and then "morph" the plastic around the mount.
  • Put it in your mouth, and bite around the soft plastic. YES THIS CAN BE DANGEROUS! Some plastics are toxic, therefore we do not recommend this method! (along with the possibility of burning yourself with hot plastic)
  • Attach the GoPro and thread the bolt through, so you can be sure that the plastic won't harden and block the holes for the bolt.
  • Put some water in your mouth and bite onto the plastic again. The plastic can change size while cooling, so this is why you should bite it again instead of just dunking it in cold water
  • Once it has cooled, you can cut or sand off any excess edges/plastic

Then the rest of his video shows the comparison of the mouth mount vs a head strap mount. It's actually pretty cool! The mouth mount looks a lot more stable in all of his video tests.


Using JB Weld Kwik Plastic

Similar to the previous method, with the addition of a scuba mouthpiece for added comfort.
You will need:

  • JB Weld Kwik Plastic
  • 6" cable tie/zip tie/strap/callitwhatyouwant
  • GoPro buckle mount (female)
  • Scuba mouthpiece (variety to choose from)

Break off 3/4" of Kwik Plastic and shape it around the Go Pro mount.
Let the Kwik Plastic harden overnight.
Stretch the mouthpiece over the mount, and secure it with the zip tie.

This method is actually the most similar to our mounts, but much lower quality. Comparing shabby Kwik Plastic to our polycarbonate mounts clearly shows the difference! I wouldn't want to trust my $500 camera to some moldable plastic from Home Depot, but it's up to you!


British Man Roasting a Pig While Making Homemade Mouth Mount

This is one interesting man. First of all, who doesn't love a good British accent!? On top of that, he loves explaining what is going on in his life. Right now he is roasting something in the oven, so he figured he might as well make a mouth mount. Legit.

He also uses polymorph plastic, aka thermoplastic, plastic granules, and he bought his on eBay in 2005. Cheap stuff. Interesting stuff.
You will need ANY GoPro mount. Anything will work pretty much.

  • Measure a "decent handful" of plastic pellets.
  • Boil some water (he uses a coffee maker it looks like) and pour it into the container with the plastic pellets (he has them in some sort of measuring cup)
  • Carefully remove the melted plastic (DO NOT BURN YOURSELF) and squeeze out the excess water
  • Mold the plastic around whatever mount you have chosen (this unfortunate chap did the whole process earlier in the day, but the camera was not recording, DOH!)
  • Be careful not to make a "boo-boo" like Sir Britain did. Keep the plastic away from the hole
  • Attach your Gopro and screw in the bolt. Make sure everything fits
  • When the plastic has gotten somewhat firm (you don't want it too soft) put it in your mouth and gently bite down. As if you were just nibbling a roast.

Now this guy does it differently than everyone else I have seen... he puts the GoPro up by his nose, instead of hanging by his chin. It's up to you, but if the Go Pro rests on your chin it will add a lot of stability to your videos.

And voila, the roast is done! Mouth mount and a roast, all in a day's work. What more does a man need?


Green Mouth MountToo much work?

Not high enough quality?


We understand. That's why we sell sell our professional-grade mouth mounts.
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