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How to use your GoPro Mouth Mount


Using Your GoPro Leash

Simply clip the leash to your wetsuit zipper, and adjust the slack. We don't want the leash wrapping around your neck on a wipeout, so please use the smallest amount of slack necessary.


We do not want you to choke on the leash. That is why we recommend you use the smallest leash possible, while still giving you enough room to look around with the mount in your mouth. If you use a leash with too much slack, it could get wrapped around your neck if your mount falls out of your mouth.

** Please use the leash(es) at your own risk. We are not responsible for any injuries **




The floaty is optional, but it does help stabilize your GoPro against your chin, and of course it floats your camera if you drop it!
Simply peel one side of the adhesive pad, and stick it to your GoPro case.
Peel the other side, and press the float firmly against it.
That's it!


How to Record Upside Down

If you are using our mouth mount, your GoPro will be upside down when recording. Luckily, there is a setting so your Go Pro automatically flips the footage, so you don't have to do it in your video editing software!


  • Go to the Settings option on your GoPro. If you are in recording mode, you need to press the Mode/Power button on the front, 4 times, until you see the wrench.
  • Press the top button to select this mode
  • Press the Mode/Power button 4 more times
  • Press the top button to select
  • Press the Mode/Power button 1 time to flip the recording upside down
  • Press the top button to confirm this change
  • Hold the top button for 2 seconds to exit the settings