Albee Layer Wins First Artificial Wave Contest

Albee Layer at Redbull Unleashed

In the Redbull Unleashed contest at Surf Snowdonia (Wales) this weekend, Albee took the win, just like I knew he would!

Ironically he was wearing a leash at the contest named Unleashed. Don’t want your board smashing into the center platform I suppose!

After watching the highlight reel, I can say that it really doesn’t look anywhere close to “real wave contests”. But I guess it has to start somewhere.

The video above only shows part of Albee’s wave, but you need to see the whole thing. He kills it.
Unfortunately the only one I can find is on Surfline, and I can’t embed it here. You’ll need to click here and go to slide 11 to watch it.

The Surf Snowdonia wavepool had to be drained for the 2nd time in a month, this time due to a tear in the liner.
Maybe from all these rippahs shredding so hard.

Full coverage at

Redbull Unleashed winner, Albee Layer



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