Albee Layer Wins First Artificial Wave Contest

Albee Layer Wins First Artificial Wave Contest

Albee Layer at Redbull Unleashed

In the Redbull Unleashed contest at Surf Snowdonia (Wales) this weekend, Albee took the win, just like I knew he would!

Ironically he was wearing a leash at the contest named Unleashed. Don’t want your board smashing into the center platform I suppose!

After watching the highlight reel, I can say that it really doesn’t look anywhere close to “real wave contests”. But I guess it has to start somewhere.

The video above only shows part of Albee’s wave, but you need to see the whole thing. He kills it.
Unfortunately the only one I can find is on Surfline, and I can’t embed it here. You’ll need to click here and go to slide 11 to watch it.

The Surf Snowdonia wavepool had to be drained for the 2nd time in a month, this time due to a tear in the liner.
Maybe from all these rippahs shredding so hard.

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Redbull Unleashed winner, Albee Layer



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