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Courtney Conlogue falls on rock

At the Bell’s Beach contest, Courtney took the judging criteria “commitment” to a whole new level.

Watch Courtney drop her booty low… real low, like onto a rock.

(Luckily it turned out to be not too bad at all)

Remember when something similar happened last year to Nikki Van Dijk?
(skip to 0:50 to see the fall)

Come on ladies, watch out for the rocks!!

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Not your typical surf in Texas
Not your typical surf in Texas

You know how they say “everything’s bigger in Texas”?

Well it’s just not true for the surf.

Someone recently asked me about the surf in Texas, so I decided to write this blog post about it.

Although some people optimistically say there is “year round surf” in Texas, most of the quality waves happen around hurricanes.

Texas surf spot
Probably the wave of the year 😉
Big Texas hurricane surf
Big Texas hurricane surf
Surfing in Texas
More typical surf for Texas

The waves in this video below actually don’t look half bad (and the guy is using a mouth mount!)

But you’re more likely to find these kind of waves in Texas:

If you have 17 minutes, this documentary is actually pretty interesting:

Texas Tanker Surfing

When the ocean is lacking swells, big tanker ships are always bringing in steady wakes.

If you are a surfer, this probably looks boring to you. But if you lived in Texas, I’m sure this would be more fun than not surfing at all!

Grab your longboard and your best buds, and catch some party wakes.

Jamie O’Brien is the epitome of a good time. If you haven’t seen his Youtube series “Who Is JOB?” yet, you should def check it out!
He focuses more on the fun than his surfing performance, but it only seems to benefit him.
In this episode, JOB and the crew head to Texas as part of their road trip, and they get into some mandatory shenanigans.

So while Texas might not have high caliber waves like the West or East coast, it’s still not hard to have fun out in the ocean!

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Surf Clips of the Week

So many surfing clips drop every day, it’s hard to keep track of them all!

Here are some of the best from the past week.

Sit back with a coffee, beer, or coconut, and enjoy!
(or bookmark this page for the work week when you need a break)

Rest In Peace Ricardo

Another tribute to Ricardo dos Santos, this one from the beautiful Mentawais.

Torren Martyn – Mexico and Australia

Video starts off super dirty… like chocolate barrels. But it cleans up by the end, leaving you as refreshed as Springtime sprinkles.

Stu Kennedy and Mick Fanning

These boys shred some small waves. Looks fun!

Eric Geiselman’s Hard Drive Dump

16 minutes of surfing all over the world. Plenty of good stuff in this one!

The Farm – RVCA

Some north Australian surfing from Alex Knost, Beau Foster, Davey Cathels, DMOTE, Ellis Ericson, Imogen Caldwell, Jay Davies, Jimmy Jazz James, Ricardo Christie and Tom Hawkins.

Smith Team in Panama

Put on your Smith optics with CJ Hobgood, Brett Barley, and Alex Smith.

Bells Beach (pre-contest) Drone Highlights

Too bad the contest didn’t start like this, huh?

Bells Beach Highlights: Day 2

Bad music and not the best waves… this is Bells.

Brian Conley and Mexican Barrels

Big barrels.

Mitch Coleborn Gets Dirty

Mitch Coleborn surfing in Volcom boardies in dirty water.

Dion Agius at The Wedge

Not the biggest or best Wedge footage, but some fun springtime floaters with Dion Agius.

PRIORITY Episode 1: Three Pros, Behind the Jersey

This is the WSL’s new series, similar to something Redbull would have. It follows Josh Kerr, Laura Enever, and rookie Matt Banting, for a behind-the-scenes look at contest life.

Volcom East Coast Australia Trip

Watch Carlos Munoz, Ozzie Wright, Parker Coffin, and Mitch Coleborn surf in East Aus. Where can I get Carlos’s shirt at the end??

Shane Dorian’s Sandy Drainers

Shane Dorian makes good use of his mouth mount in this video.

The Right – Western Australia Slabs

Some heavy waves in this one! And check out the jetski trying to 360 like Buttons.

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Clay Marzo, Inside the Tube
Clay Marzo, Inside the Tube

Clay Marzo’s laybacks are cray-cray, so his new name is Cray Marzo.

It’s official.

We haven’t seen much of Clay lately, but here’s a clip from him that was just dropped.
(Watch 1:30 and you will know what “cray” means)

He’s always in boardshorts, and boy does it look fun!

(PS… I have his signature traction pad. I’m still trying to pull one of his laybacks…)

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Sexiest Surfer Chicks

There’s nothing sexier than a surfer girl in a bikini!

Here’s 11 of the hottest girls on Instagram for the month of March.

1. Anastasia Ashley

Shaka brah

A photo posted by Anastasia Ashley (@anastasiaashley) on


2. Alana Blanchard


3. Sally Fitzgibbons

A photo posted by Sally Fitzgibbons (@sally_fitz) on


4. Malia Manuel

A photo posted by Malia Manuel (@maliamanuel) on


5. Courtney Conlogue


6. Chloe Chapman


7. Bree Kleintop

A photo posted by Bree Kleintop (@breekleintop) on


8. Quincy Davis

A photo posted by Quincy Davis (@quincydavis) on


9. Sage Erickson

A photo posted by Sage Erickson (@sageerickson) on


10. Nage Melamed

A photo posted by Nage Melamed (@nagemelamed) on


11. Kelia Moniz

A photo posted by Kelia Moniz (@keliamoniz) on

I know I missed some, but that’s all I have time for right now!
Who is your favorite, and who should I add to the next list? Leave a comment below 🙂

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Kickflipping Surfboard

I bet you never thought it was possible to land a kickflip on a surfboard.

Neither did Volcom.

So a few years ago they held a $10,000 contest, and whoever landed the first surfboard kickflip on video would win.

A guy name Zoltan Torkos managed to pull off an awkward one, but Volcom didn’t want to count it.
A whole debate from the surf community followed, and Volcom eventually paid up.

But Zoltan is still at it, and his latest kickflip is by far the smoothest we’ve seen!

Some older videos of Zoltan’s kick flips:

A lot of people think the kickflip just isn’t going to “stick” in surfing… the style just isn’t right.
I kind of agree.

What do you think? Stylish or just a novelty?

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How to Wax a Surfboard

I admit, I’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to waxing my surfboard. But it’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

I’d rather avoid doing the splits because one or both of my feet slid off the board. So I make sure to keep my wax game strong.

I get a solid base going, and then I wax it before each surf session.
(You could also just get a front traction pad, and completely eliminate the need for wax, but that’s not what this article is about ?)

How to Wax Your Surfboard

    1. Make sure your board is clean (no wax).
    2. Start with the bar of Basecoat wax. If you don’t use the basecoat, the normal wax won’t stick to your board as nicely.
      Rub the bar evenly across the whole board, except the nose. (If you want to wax the nose also, you can).
      It’s better to be safe than sorry. Wax a little farther up the nose than you think you will need. Then when you take a crazy drop-in and you’re way far forward on your board, your front foot won’t slip off.
      If you don’t have a traction pad, wax the entire tail end of your board. If you do have a traction pad, apply the wax as close to the pad as possible.

      This will be the only time you apply the basecoat wax, so make sure every nook and cranny is covered.

    3. Now you apply the topcoat/regular wax.
      This wax will help your feet stick to the board really well.
      Wax diagonal lines across your board, spread several inches apart.

      Apply wax in diagonal lines
      Apply wax in diagonal lines

      Once you have gone the whole length of the board, go back and wax diagonal lines the opposite direction. This will leave you with diamonds/hatching patterns.

Apply wax in the opposite direction now
Apply wax in the opposite direction now
    1. Now go over everything in a small circular motion. Kind of like the motion you do when washing a plate. This will spread the wax evenly. Not much pressure is needed here.
Rub the top coat of wax in circles
Rub the top coat of wax in circles
    1. The end result should be uniform bumps of wax all across your surfboard. You did it wrong if there are big gobs of wax anywhere, and this will only become worse as you re-wax your board before each surf.
Perfect wax bumps on surfboard
Perfect wax bumps on surfboard
  1. Lightly wax your board before every surf session, to keep it sticky on your feet.

How to Remove the Wax From Your Surfboard

Too much wax on surfboard
If your board looks like this, it’s time to remove the wax!

If you wax your surfboard before every surf, the wax will eventually get pretty think on your board.

This can cause excess weight, and I’ve also found that the wax starts unsticking from the board when it gets too thick.

I like to wax my board with a fresh bar of wax, and by the time the wax is all used up it’s usually time to de-wax the board and give it a fresh coat.

    1. It helps if you can put your surfboard in the sun for a few minutes, to soften the wax. Cold wax can be removed too, just not quite as easily as warm wax.
    2. Take a wax comb (or credit card) and scrape the old wax off your board. If the wax is softened from the sun, you will be able to scrape the whole length of the board in one stroke.
Wax comb
Wax comb

Side note: Some people like using the teeth of the comb to “roughen up” their wax job, instead of adding fresh wax each session. Personally I am not a fan. I only use the smooth side of the wax comb for removing old wax.

  1. Start forming a ball with the wax you have removed. Continue removing the rest of the wax, and add it to the ball. Throw away the ball of wax when your board is entirely de-waxed

What Kind of Wax Should You Use?

Surf Wax and Basecoat
Surf Wax and Basecoat

The brand of wax you use doesn’t matter as much as the type of wax you use.

Personally, I use Sticky Bumps for both the base coat and top coat. Other brands include Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax, Mrs. Palmer’s, Famous, Bubble Gum, Matunas, and many more.

Each brand generally has only one basecoat.

But there are multiple topcoats for each brand, and it is based on temperature. If you are surfing in a hot tropical climate, you want to use a harder wax, because a soft wax will melt too easily. If you surf in cold temperatures, you want a softer wax, because a hard wax will be too slippery in cold temps.

Just check the label on the bar of wax, and it will tell you the suggested range of water temperatures.

Wax your board like this, and you’ll never slip off!

Wax Tips

  • Don’t leave your bar of wax in the sun, it will melt. This is especially bad if it melts in your car.
  • Be careful when setting your surfboard down. You don’t want to leave the wax facing up for very long, or it will melt in the sun. But you also don’t want sand to get in the wax, so lay a towel down first if you are going to lay your board wax-down.
  • Don’t use colored wax! Well you can, but just know that it’s going to stain you boardshorts or wetsuit.
  • If you surf a lot, buy a few bars of wax. It sucks when you are about to go surf in the morning, but you discover that your wax is all used up. And surf shops usually don’t open til 10. So stock up!

Do you have a different method of waxing, or a favorite brand of wax? Share it in the comments below!

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Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater has won 11 World Titles in his lifetime, and he’s still going!

This year might be his last chance though, with all the younger talent that keeps getting better.

It’s hard to keep up with the kids when you’re 43!

I thought it would be interesting to put together a list of pictures, one from each year that he won a World Title.

Surfboard Socks