Best of the Surf World, July 2015

Best of the Surf World, July 2015

Laird Hamilton, Gabrielle Reece naked for ESPN

July was a big month for the world of surfing.

In case you were busy, here’s a quick rundown of what happened.

Laird Hamilton Gets Naked for ESPN

ESPN knows that sex sells, and that’s why they started their annual Body Issue.

This year you can find the godfather of SUP himself, Laird Hamilton, along with his volleyball wife Gabby Reece, SUPing without any clothes.

I wonder how many times they SUP’d naked before ESPN ever approached them about it?

Outerknown Officially Launches

Kelly Slater’s new brand Outerknown was finally officially launched, after much anticipation from the surf community.

But I don’t think many surfers will be wearing any Outerknown pieces… a flannel will cost you $165 or more!

Hey, at least it’s eco-friendly!

Kelly Slater Outerknown

Outerknown officially launches

Kelly Slater wearing Outerknown

Mick Fanning’s Shark Attack

Mick Fanning shark attack J-Bay Open

During the final heat of the J-Bay Open, a shark got a little frisky with Mick Fanning.

And Mick got a little frisky with the shark, as you can see from these memes.

Another Shark Attack at Renunion Island

Just days after Mick’s attack, there was yet another shark attack at Reunion Island.

Thankfully it wasn’t fatal this time, but it is the 18th shark attack since 2011 at Reunion.

A man named Rudolph was attacked while paddling through the channel. He suffered deep wounds to his arm, but all body parts are still intact and attached.

Can we please find a shark deterrent that works?

Rips Curl’s Quest 1 Charter Boat Sinks

Rip Curl Quest 1 sinks

The Quest 1 mysteriously sunk in the Mentawais.

Luckily everyone onboard was ok, but some say the boat was valued at over $1 million. Not a good month for Rip Curl!

JOB Set Himself On Fire

JOB on fire at Teahupoo
Redbull and Jamie O Brien keep pushing the limit with their Youtube series Who Is JOB?

Their latest stunt involves JOB, a wetsuit soaked with lighter fluid, and double overhead Teahupoo bommies.

Code Orange Teahupoo

The same XXL swell that JOB surfed on fire at Teahupoo, but here’s the edit with more surfing, less Jackass:

Vans US Open in Huntington Beach

2015 Vans US Open of Surfing

As far as spectators, the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach is the biggest contest every year.

The contest wraps up on Sunday, so you still have time to check it out if you’re in the area!


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