Biggest Swell at The Wedge This Year

Biggest Swell at The Wedge This Year

The Wedge Biggest Swell

The swells keep getting bigger and bigger at The Wedge, and this was the biggest one so far this year.

It wasn’t huge, but a solid 10 feet probably. Next week looks even bigger…

When I showed up with my Phantom 3 drone, there was already another guy flying his DJI Inspire. We had a good drone chat, and we made sure to fly at different heights so our drones wouldn’t collide.

I was a little nervous about flying too low, because the salt water would spray up super high when the waves would break. I got a couple close shots though, and the drone came away unharmed.

Towards the end of my battery life, I noticed a couple other drones flying in the area, but I couldn’t see who was flying them. Since I couldn’t coordinate positions with the other pilots, I just decided to pull out and pack it up. Blackball had just happened anyways, and anyone with a board was forced to leave the water.

It was a really fun morning at The Wedge with plenty of carnage!

Raw footage:

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