Brad Domke Skimming The Wedge, and other carnage

Brad Domke Skimming The Wedge, and other carnage

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Brad Domke skimboarding The Wedge

With summer coming up, you can expect to see endless carnage at The Wedge.

Just make sure to get there before 10am, if you want to do anything besides bodysurf. Starting May 1st, they blackball The Wedge from 10am to 5pm, and only bodysurfing is allowed.

The plan was to meet Ian there at 8am, but that didn’t exactly happen…
I blindly followed my GPS to Marina Del Rey instead of The Wedge (hey it was early and I was tired), but luckily Ian got set up on time at The Wedge, and was able to film Brad Domke and a plethora of other borders while I re-routed.

Me, running late, literally ?
Me, running late, literally ?
Our filming setup, provided by Ian
Our filming setup, provided by Ian

The drive should have taken 1.5 hours, and it ended up taking 4.5 hours, but it was a beautiful morning when I finally got there. I filmed Ian bodysurfing for about a half hour, then we grabbed coffee and transferred all of the footage.

It was a perfect warmup for the “proper” Wedge swell we are all waiting for! And I’ll be there on time when it happens, maybe with a drone…

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