Bunny Chow Surfboard Review

Jordy Smith has been on fire the last year or two, and I think we all would love to surf like him.

The Channel Islands Bunny Chow has been his board of choice in poor to fair conditions.

Jordy says he loves how it keeps speed in cutbacks, which he does plenty of!

Not your typical surf in Texas
Not your typical surf in Texas

You know how they say “everything’s bigger in Texas”?

Well it’s just not true for the surf.

Someone recently asked me about the surf in Texas, so I decided to write this blog post about it.

Although some people optimistically say there is “year round surf” in Texas, most of the quality waves happen around hurricanes.

Texas surf spot
Probably the wave of the year 😉
Big Texas hurricane surf
Big Texas hurricane surf
Surfing in Texas
More typical surf for Texas

The waves in this video below actually don’t look half bad (and the guy is using a mouth mount!)

But you’re more likely to find these kind of waves in Texas:

If you have 17 minutes, this documentary is actually pretty interesting:

Texas Tanker Surfing

When the ocean is lacking swells, big tanker ships are always bringing in steady wakes.

If you are a surfer, this probably looks boring to you. But if you lived in Texas, I’m sure this would be more fun than not surfing at all!

Grab your longboard and your best buds, and catch some party wakes.

Jamie O’Brien is the epitome of a good time. If you haven’t seen his Youtube series “Who Is JOB?” yet, you should def check it out!
He focuses more on the fun than his surfing performance, but it only seems to benefit him.
In this episode, JOB and the crew head to Texas as part of their road trip, and they get into some mandatory shenanigans.

So while Texas might not have high caliber waves like the West or East coast, it’s still not hard to have fun out in the ocean!

Sexiest Surfer Chicks

There’s nothing sexier than a surfer girl in a bikini!

Here’s 11 of the hottest girls on Instagram for the month of March.

1. Anastasia Ashley

Shaka brah

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2. Alana Blanchard


3. Sally Fitzgibbons

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4. Malia Manuel

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5. Courtney Conlogue


6. Chloe Chapman


7. Bree Kleintop

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8. Quincy Davis

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9. Sage Erickson

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10. Nage Melamed

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11. Kelia Moniz

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I know I missed some, but that’s all I have time for right now!
Who is your favorite, and who should I add to the next list? Leave a comment below 🙂

Kickflipping Surfboard

I bet you never thought it was possible to land a kickflip on a surfboard.

Neither did Volcom.

So a few years ago they held a $10,000 contest, and whoever landed the first surfboard kickflip on video would win.

A guy name Zoltan Torkos managed to pull off an awkward one, but Volcom didn’t want to count it.
A whole debate from the surf community followed, and Volcom eventually paid up.

But Zoltan is still at it, and his latest kickflip is by far the smoothest we’ve seen!

Some older videos of Zoltan’s kick flips:

A lot of people think the kickflip just isn’t going to “stick” in surfing… the style just isn’t right.
I kind of agree.

What do you think? Stylish or just a novelty?

Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater has won 11 World Titles in his lifetime, and he’s still going!

This year might be his last chance though, with all the younger talent that keeps getting better.

It’s hard to keep up with the kids when you’re 43!

I thought it would be interesting to put together a list of pictures, one from each year that he won a World Title.

John John Florence duck dive

If you follow surfing at all, then I’m sure you’ve already seen this.

But I had to get it on the blog because it’s the weirdest/coolest thing I’ve seen in surfing.

John John is an animal, and his only “workouts” consist of surfing and more surfing.

Getting a nice clean, deep duckdive can be difficult enough. But watch JJF as he goes from one end of the pool to the other, all with a strange but impressive duckdive motion.

Baby's First Wave
Baby's First Wave

This little guy has an awesome daddy.

Or crazy daddy.

Either way, it turned out great! The baby got his first barrel… possibly the youngest kid to ever get barreled?

Watch the clip below, while contemplating if you would do this with your baby 😉

Men's Surfing Wetsuit