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We want our fantasy surfing like we want our gear!

Photo courtesy of WSL.

Fantasy surfing has always been a slog fest.  It’s confusing and boring and deals in points like an eastern European country does currency.  I don’t need thousands of points and why does my final score always have a .18 on it??? 

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18 year old Leo Fioravanti bailed on an air Saturday, and his board snapped back at him, slicing his ear open.

“I had a tough day free surfing at Huntington yesterday. I got my own fin to the head and ended up needing 20 stitches internal and external!! Thanks for all the best wishes everyone. Going to do everything in my power to be ready to surf my heat on Tuesday!!”


After about 20 stitches inside and outside his ear, he spent the night at the hospital.

Luckily things seem to be healing quickly for Leo, as he posted the following today on Instagram:

Leo Fioravanti at the US Open
Woke up this morning feeling way better. Can’t wait to put the jersey back on at around 1 pm (local California time) . Gonna give it my best! Thanks to everyone for the support let’s do this!

Watch him surf the US Open today at 1pm West Coast time:

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Windansea Shack Hit by Wave

The iconic shack at Windansea reef in La Jolla has been damaged by a combination of King Tides (really high tides) and big waves.

Here’s a video from Derek Dunfee of a massive wave taking out the shack. It’s still standing at the end of the clip, so hopefully it withstood the rest of the waves that day.

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