Laurie Towner getting shacked at Teahupoo while filming for Point Break 2
Laurie Towner getting shacked at Teahupoo while filming for Point Break 2

This is pretty hilarious/sad. The trailer has 2.5 million views on Youtube, and it has more dislikes than likes.

If you’re a surfer, it’s pretty easy to see why people are disliking the trailer. They turned Point Break into some “extreme sports” action film, instead of a movie about surfers.

We heard from an insider that there’s about 30 seconds total of surfing in the whole film. Yes, it’s huge perfect Teahupoo, but still. 30 seconds??

I really hope that’s not true. Although I’ll still have to see it, because after all, I’m an extreme athlete 😉

I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Nat, but this kiss was really awkward/funny! Looks like he really didn’t want to do it.

Maybe she ate some garlic earlier?

Give your girl some love, Nat!

Nat Young's Awkward Kiss
Nat Young’s Awkward Kiss

Skip to the 3:20 mark of this video for the kiss… but you should probably just watch the whole thing. #TOURNOTES is awesome!

Elio Canestri
Elio Canestri

I hate posting anything that isn’t happy, but something needs to change at Reunion Island.

Yesterday, 13 year old Elio Canestri was killed during an official coaching session.

Elio is the 7th person killed by sharks at Reunion Island since 2011!

Just a couple months ago it was announced that Reunion Island would be trying out all kinds of shark-prevention devices. 10,000,000 Euro has been put aside, but apparently they didn’t get started soon enough.

Now I’m not going to say that we should kill all of the sharks, but we definitely need to find a way to prevent attacks and keep surfers safe.

RIP Elio.

Courtney Conlogue falls on rock

At the Bell’s Beach contest, Courtney took the judging criteria “commitment” to a whole new level.

Watch Courtney drop her booty low… real low, like onto a rock.

(Luckily it turned out to be not too bad at all)

Remember when something similar happened last year to Nikki Van Dijk?
(skip to 0:50 to see the fall)

Come on ladies, watch out for the rocks!!

Maya Gabeira

Have you heard of Maya Gabeira?

You might not have, since she doesn’t surf contests. But she’s still finding ways to make good money!

Maybe you saw Maya in ESPN’s body issue a couple years ago, or perhaps you heard of her almost dying while surfing massive waves in Nazarre. (I think technically she did die, and they revived her).

She’s a badass bitch. And sexy.
And sexy pays.

Men's Surfing Wetsuit