Lost V3 Rocket surfboard review

You really can’t look at the V3 Rocket without noticing the three sets of wings on the tail.

Each set of wings creates a section of the board with less surface area than the section preceding it. This gives you different areas on the deck to leverage with your foot for different maneuvers.

Lost RV surfboard review

RV stands for Recreational Vehicle, and that’s exactly what this board is! Guaranteed fun.

Here’s Nate Yeomans getting recreational in San Clemente:

You’ll notice two sets of wings on the tail. This makes it easier to control the speed that comes with such a wide board. If the tail stayed wide without the wings, it would go faster than you probably want it to.

The wings also help create tighter angles in your turns, without sliding out.

You’ll probably like surfing this board with bigger fins than what you would use in your standard shortboard, and most likely a quad setup over thruster.

The RV is really fun in anything from thigh to head high waves. Anyone from average to advanced can have fun on smaller waves with this board.

Chemistry Disk 2 Surfboard Review

Would you rather buy a board from someone who surfs the same waves as you every day, or from someone who lives hundreds or thousands of miles away?

It probably makes more sense to buy from a shaper who knows your waves, and if you’re in the San Diego area you might want to check out Chemistry boards. They will also probably be a tad bit cheaper than the big names like Channel Islands or …Lost.

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