SunDiego Am Slam Surf Contest

First contest of the year! At least for me.

The level of talent in these small contests is pretty amazing, and I definitely am not on that level haha. But it’s fun to get some friends to enter, so I can at least compete against them.

Windansea May 31st 2016

San Diego saw some fun south swell last week (at least the spots that picked it up). Windansea was one of those spots.

I took the drone out for only the 2nd time, and I’m getting pretty comfortable with it. When I got to the bench, an older guy just getting there with his lunch, so we shared the bench. He had some good stories, and he wanted me to film the Del Mar Castle, but I’m gonna stick to filming surfing 😉

Windansea drone
Not a bad place to sit while filming

Black's Beach drone surfing edit

If you’ve been watching our videos on Youtube, you probably saw a few drone edits that we made.

My friend Tony would fly the drone and do the filming, and then I would edit the footage afterwards.

It was a great system, and I really appreciate his help. But sometimes our schedules just wouldn’t work out, and we couldn’t meet up to film when I wanted.

So I decided to get a drone myself, so I could be in full control.

Wavestorm surfboard transfer attempt

What do you do when the surf is small, but you still want to get out there? Wavestorm of course!

Ian came down to San Diego for his birthday, and it’s just not a birthday without surfing.

Men's Surfing Wetsuit