GoPro/Drone Surf Edit

It’s been way too long since I did a POV mouth mount edit. The conditions this day were pretty bad (you won’t see a single other person surfing in the whole video) but I had to get it done.

Some people asked if we could combine the drone footage with the POV footage, so I gave it a shot with this video.

I surfed really early with the mouth mount, and then Anthony came down midday to film with his drone. I didn’t want the mouth mount to be seen in the drone footage, which is why I filmed at two different times.

I still tried to tie similar waves together from both angles. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!
(Sorry for the water on the lens)

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Surfing Salt Creek

Salt Creek is kind of the halfway point between me (San Diego) and my buddy Ian (LA), so it’s a good spot to meet up for a surf session.

It’s usually a pretty consistent left, but this day had plenty of rights (probably from the straight West swell). It was really fun surfing for a couple hours, and then Ian stuck around to film for a couple more hours.

Big Black's Beach

Just another huge El Nino swell here in San Diego!

I think I got to Black’s around 7:30am, but the tide was too high already. I didn’t see one single barrel ride the whole time I was filming.

Still massive waves though! Surfline said 6-10+ (good conditions), and I think they even updated it to 8-12+ later in the morning. The size kept the crowd at bay… there were a few unlucky guys that couldn’t make the paddle out, and had to give up and turn around.

Check out these bombs:

And the raw footage, for those of you who like it raw:

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Surfing Cardiff Reef (Cardiff Kook)

Cardiff Reef can be a regular footer’s dream! Perfect, consistent rights, sunny skies, and good vibes.

The weather is warming up in San Diego, more bikinis are on the beach, and the waves are pumping. Oh happy days.

I went and surfed myself after filming for a couple hours, and yes it was as fun as it looks!

And of course, the raw footage for those of you who don’t like music 😉

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Black's Beach Barrels

If you want to get barreled in San Diego, you go to Black’s.

It’s a sand-bottomed beachbreak, but it can have the most perfect barrels. This is because of the deep underwater canyons that abruptly become shallow, and they focus the swells just right, into barrels.

This video was filmed on Saturday, February 6th, 2016. It wasn’t a huge swell, but offered 4-6 foot waves.

It was a beautiful sunny day, with plenty of barrels on tap. See for yourself!

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Surfing Swamis

Swami’s a really good right-hand point break… and perfection always brings a crowd.

Personally I hate surfing crowded waves, so I don’t surf Swami’s very often. But it’s fun to watch from the cliff above!

This day called for 6-10 foot waves, so I packed up the camera gear and my girlfriend, and we headed out for some early morning viewing.

We saw dolphins, a whale, plenty of drop-ins, and even some barrels. Thank you El Nino!

Anthony filmed this one with his drone again (check his Youtube channel)

And I filmed with my Handycam and tripod, here’s the raw footage:
(Had a great time talking to John the Shaman!)

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Shooting the OB Pier

I’ve wanted to make this video for a while now.

Last year was the first time I’ve ever shot a pier (if you’re new, “shooting” a pier means you surf under/through it), and it was a big adrenaline rush!

It’s honestly not a very difficult thing to do, but there can be heavy consequences if you mess up. The pilings are made of concrete, which hurts, but the barnacles on the pilings will add to the destruction if you fall.

So Ian and I started the new year right, and headed to the Ocean Beach pier in San Diego. I love competitions, so we decided to see who could shoot the pier the most times.

I might have had an unfair advantage, with my 40 liters of volume on the Couch Potato, and Ian only had his shortboard. Either way, I think I made it through the pier 7 times, and Ian only got 3.

What pier should we shoot next?

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