San Diego Booty Weather

It’s booty weather in San Diego… and not the good kind of booty.

I’m talking about the neoprene and rubber booties for your feet.

After a couple weeks visiting family in Wisconsin, I came back to a “winterized” San Diego. Water temps below 60 degrees, and air temps below 50 in the mornings!

Not my cup of tea, but at least the booties make me feel invincible. No more kicking my fins and cutting my feet. I’m going to post a review of these Xcel booties soon actually.

Also please excuse the lackluster surfing. I’m a bit rusty from all that time in Wisconsin 😉

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Weekly Webclip Roundup: Christmas Edition

Christmas Edition!

The gift of good waves is the best gift a surfer could ask for. Hopefully you’re on the “nice” list, and Santa brought waves to your locale.

This is what’s been happening around the world the past week:

Big Rock Surfing

Yes, there are barrels (you could even call some of these slabs I think) in San Diego!

It’s not all beachbreaks here, and when a big enough swell comes through, the reef at Big Rock turns on.

I’ve seen it plenty better than this day, but it was still big and powerful enough to snap Victor’s board.

Mission Beach Jetty surfing

The Mission Beach jetty has a really good left that breaks just off the jetty.

I filmed this December 6th 2015, with plenty of fun 4-6 foot waves and not a bad crowd. I set up my equipment on the jetty, so I got a perfect side view of the surfers.

Tide was a little high, but the surfers worked with it.

And this is the raw footage with no music, if that’s what you prefer:

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Surfing Blacks Beach
This is a familiar sight if you've ever been to Blacks Beach on a sunny day

To most San Diegans, Blacks Beach is the nude beach.

But for surfers, it’s much more. It’s San Diego’s best beachbreak, and it is usually bigger there than anywhere else in the area, due to the deep underwater canyons that get shallow very quickly.

I filmed one of the first big winter swells on December 5th, that produced 5-8 foot waves at Blacks.

I was hoping to see more barrels and maybe some airs, but I guess all the pro’s are in Hawaii right now 😉
Still plenty of big fun waves!

And if you prefer the raw footage with more clips and no music, here ya go!

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Surfers Shooting Ocean Beach Pier

Here’s a few minutes of some surfers shooting the OB Pier in San Diego, California.

This day was full of head high waves, but the high tide was really hurting the shape of the waves.

Still, there were plenty of surfers who managed to surf through the pier multiple times.

And here is the raw footage, if that’s your thing:

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Epic Wavestorm Battle

My buddy EJ moved to Canada on Monday 🙁

We’ve had a lot of fun surfing together, and hopefully I can go visit him in Mexico or Costa Rica in 2016.

The first time we ever surfed “together” was about a year ago, in similar conditions, both of us riding Wavestorms. So it was only fitting to have our final surf session be the same way.

Gabriel Medina avoids boat

This quick clip features some heavy wipeouts from the Rip Curl team.

Medina dodges a boat in the wave, and keeps on surfing! The guy in the boat got the shot too 🙂

Medina dodges boat

John John Florence Wipeouts

After watching videos of pros surfing, it’s easy to think that they never fall.

What you need to remember, is that there’s usually hours of footage to get an edit that’s 2 or 3 minutes long. They only put the best clips in the edit, and there are PLENTY of wipeouts. We just don’t see them.

But we can see them now, in all their glory, from one of the best (or THE best?), John John Florence:

Remember, if you’re not failing you’re not trying hard enough.

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