Weekly Surf Clips

We’re back with more surf clips!

Watch one before your next surf, or sit back and enjoy a marathon session.


Chippa Wilson loves to spin.
Don’t blink or you might miss the fastest carving 360 I’ve ever seen at the 3:51 mark.

Josh Kerr and Noa Deane Wakesurfing

I bet you’ve never seen anyone wake surf this good.
At least watch at 2:22 when Kerr pulls a full rotation across the wake!


Lastnamefirst videos are always amazing, and this one doesn’t disappoint.
They also love getting plenty of mouth mount POV angles.
Get tropical!


Heavy barrels in Indo.


7 minutes of rock and roll with Conner Coffin.

96 degress in the shade

A little Mexican fun from Jeremy Flores.

The Habitat – Episode 5

Must watch.
Another great episode from Albee and the squad.
Most summers the surf dies down, but it was different on Maui this year. No lazy summer for these guys, too much shredding to do.

Home Livin

Summer vibes from the guy with the best hair in the biz, Carlos Munoz.

Weekly Surf Clips

The surf is finally back here in San Diego, and here’s some clips to get you amped for your 3-a-days this weekend.

Who is JOB 5.0, Episode 8

Catching waves in a tube, and double teaming barrels. That’s what Jamie O’Brien and friends have been up to this week.

#TOURNOTES: Tahiti Lay Days

There were plenty of lay days in the Billabong Pro Tahiti, and this is what they look like.

Nate Yeomans in MECCA II

Nate Yeomans’ section from the MECCA II film. Lot of SoCal, and a little Hawaii.

Stop Thinking

Russell Bierke doing his thang, catching bommies.

Betet Merta in Indo

I almost didn’t post this because apparently the guy is a dick, but it’s still good surfing.

Bodysurfing frontflip

I knew it was possible to do rolls while bodysurfing, but I’ve never seen a somersault before!

Kaneali’i Wilcox pulled off this front flip in the Point Panic Bodysurfing Championship, and was crowned champion.

Jamie O Brien on fire at Teahupoo

JOB must have felt inspired by Katniss Everdeen, because he just dropped into a 12 foot Teahupoo bomb… after lighting himself on fire.

He said it was the best wave of his life, and the biggest adrenaline rush. I’m sure! He burned off his eyebrow before successfully completing this challenge.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of outtakes on the next Who Is JOB episode, but you can watch the best wave of Jamie’s life right now:

Weekly Surf Clips

If you’re in SoCal, we just had some pretty big thunderstorms, and the surf is pretty small.

So watch these 5 clips from the past week, while you wait for some of that Hurricane Dolores swell to reach you.


Creed McTaggart and friends don booties to take on the chilly waters of New Zealand.

Who is JOB 5.0 – Episode 5

In this episode of the surfing version of Jackass, you’ll see some river surfing, along with Hawaiian powder (sand) skiing from Poopies.


Jack Freestone takes to the air, for some summertime fun on the Gold Coast.


Albee Layer, Kai Barger, and Tanner Hendrickson surf Maui’s most famous wave, Honolua Bay… and you won’t see a single air in this edit!


Lots of lifestyle shots in this one, but 2:40-5:25 has some solid surfing from Cody Thompson in Central America.

Weekly Surfing Webclips

Today is International Surfing Day, and what’s the best way to celebrate?? Watching surf clips of course.

Just kidding 😉

But if you can’t make it to the ocean, or if there’s no waves, these videos will do just fine.

Surfing clips

We hope you’re getting good waves wherever you are… but if not, watch these clips while you wait for the swell to arrive!

Who Is JOB 5.0, Episode 2

Starting things off with a bang! Watch JOB and his crew throw themselves into Keiki shorebreak bombs, hedge surf, and swing from a bridge. I would probably only do 1 out of those 3 things.

magic isle

Mason Ho and braddahs ripping Ala Moana bowls.


Heavy barrels cut to heavy music.
Jay Davies, Shaun Manners, and Beau Foster, getting pitted. So pitted.

BEFORE || Jacob Willcox

Rotations, board varials, and barrels, this 18 year old can do it all!


Corey Lopez, Brett Barley, and Pete Mendia catch some fun Mexican rides.

Buffalo Rendang

Torren Martyn & Garrett Parkes score warm clean waves in North Sumatra.

Silver & Gold

Fall and Winter along the Outer Banks with Brett Barley, from his point of view.

Down Days – The Road To Rincón

The Guadaskas bros explore more of Puerto Rico in this episode of Down Days. Rum, surfing, and cruising. Not a bad gig!

Dane Reynolds

Remember when Dane was everyone’s favorite surfer?

I feel like he kind of fell off the face of the earth this past year. (Although I did see that he got the wildcard spot for the upcoming Fiji Pro)

Well he just dropped an 11 minute edit on his website Marine Layer Productions. And it’s good too!

This is the Dane that everyone loves… sick style and solid editing (he edits his videos himself).

Grab a snack, and watch Dane get rad:

Is the old Dane back? What do you think?

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