Youtube surfboard reviews

Shred Show – The Internet’s Most Stoked Surfboard Show

This is hands down the #1 surfboard show/channel on Youtube.

It’s not a surfing channel, but a surfboard channel.

Ever wondered how a specific surfboard works? Chris Grow from Shred Show will explain it all in great detail and enthusiasm.

There’s not that many channels dedicated to surfboards anyways, but Chris blows them all out of the water.

He’s reviewed about 25 boards so far, and each episode is usually 5-10 minutes. You can request which surfboard he should review next, just leave a Youtube comment. Great way to learn about that new board you’ve been eye-ing up.

Even if you can’t understand everything he is talking about, you’ll love how worked up he gets over each board!

The only downside is the lack of consistency – sometimes we have to wait a month or two for another video. But hey, you can’t expect consistency from a surfer, right!? 😉

He’s also working on some new ideas for the show, like “Shred Talks” where he interviews shapers:

These are Shred Show’s two most popular videos:

Channel Islands Average Joe Review

Firewire Timbertek Baked Potato Review

So if you like learning about surfboards head over to Youtube and subscribe to Shred Show. Then you won’t be so confused the next time you are shopping for a new board!

Weekly Surf Clips

Plenty of big wave action happened this week, watch below and tell us what your favorite clip is!

Taj Burrow and The Mad Hueys

There’s probably not a more entertaining company/brand in the surf world than The Mad Hueys.
Good surfing, good music, and lots of funny.
This clip showcases Day 2 of the Komune Bali Pro.

Tyler HollmerCross Surfs Shipsterns

Paddling in at one of the sketchiest waves in the world!

Heavy Wipeout at Puerto Escondido

This one might win the XXL Wipeout of the Year award!!
Featuring Pedro Calado.

Hurley Youth in Australia

This video showcases some of the young talent on the Hurley team.
And there is plenty of talent!
Skip to 2:40 for the actual surfing.

Mikey Wright Growing Up

Mikey is the little bro of Owen and Tyler Wright.
His siblings recommended not getting burned out on the contest circuit while he’s still so young (18), so he’s been focusing on freesurf trips like this.

Jack Freestone, Something is Calling

Jack may not be winning contests, but he won Alana’s heart, and that’s even better right?
Watch him slay some tropical waves in the Telos Islands:

Crispy Grindz

The Italian 17 year old Leo Fioravanti absolutely kills it in this edit from the past winter in Hawaii.

Down Days – Palestine & Old Jaffa

The Gudauskas brothers are known for always being happy and entertaining.
In their new “Down Days” series with Redbull, they travel the world and surf… pretty much what everyone dreams of doing.
This is more a tour of the area than it is surfing, but still a pretty decent watch.

Surfers colliding

This is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Two and a half minutes of surfers running into each other at the always crowded Malibu area.

Slow-mo cut to a happy oldies song, watch the hilarity ensue!

Surf Clips of the Week

So many surfing clips drop every day, it’s hard to keep track of them all!

Here are some of the best from the past week.

Sit back with a coffee, beer, or coconut, and enjoy!
(or bookmark this page for the work week when you need a break)

Rest In Peace Ricardo

Another tribute to Ricardo dos Santos, this one from the beautiful Mentawais.

Torren Martyn – Mexico and Australia

Video starts off super dirty… like chocolate barrels. But it cleans up by the end, leaving you as refreshed as Springtime sprinkles.

Stu Kennedy and Mick Fanning

These boys shred some small waves. Looks fun!

Eric Geiselman’s Hard Drive Dump

16 minutes of surfing all over the world. Plenty of good stuff in this one!

The Farm – RVCA

Some north Australian surfing from Alex Knost, Beau Foster, Davey Cathels, DMOTE, Ellis Ericson, Imogen Caldwell, Jay Davies, Jimmy Jazz James, Ricardo Christie and Tom Hawkins.

Smith Team in Panama

Put on your Smith optics with CJ Hobgood, Brett Barley, and Alex Smith.

Bells Beach (pre-contest) Drone Highlights

Too bad the contest didn’t start like this, huh?

Bells Beach Highlights: Day 2

Bad music and not the best waves… this is Bells.

Brian Conley and Mexican Barrels

Big barrels.

Mitch Coleborn Gets Dirty

Mitch Coleborn surfing in Volcom boardies in dirty water.

Dion Agius at The Wedge

Not the biggest or best Wedge footage, but some fun springtime floaters with Dion Agius.

PRIORITY Episode 1: Three Pros, Behind the Jersey

This is the WSL’s new series, similar to something Redbull would have. It follows Josh Kerr, Laura Enever, and rookie Matt Banting, for a behind-the-scenes look at contest life.

Volcom East Coast Australia Trip

Watch Carlos Munoz, Ozzie Wright, Parker Coffin, and Mitch Coleborn surf in East Aus. Where can I get Carlos’s shirt at the end??

Shane Dorian’s Sandy Drainers

Shane Dorian makes good use of his mouth mount in this video.

The Right – Western Australia Slabs

Some heavy waves in this one! And check out the jetski trying to 360 like Buttons.

Clay Marzo, Inside the Tube
Clay Marzo, Inside the Tube

Clay Marzo’s laybacks are cray-cray, so his new name is Cray Marzo.

It’s official.

We haven’t seen much of Clay lately, but here’s a clip from him that was just dropped.
(Watch 1:30 and you will know what “cray” means)

He’s always in boardshorts, and boy does it look fun!

(PS… I have his signature traction pad. I’m still trying to pull one of his laybacks…)

Kickflipping Surfboard

I bet you never thought it was possible to land a kickflip on a surfboard.

Neither did Volcom.

So a few years ago they held a $10,000 contest, and whoever landed the first surfboard kickflip on video would win.

A guy name Zoltan Torkos managed to pull off an awkward one, but Volcom didn’t want to count it.
A whole debate from the surf community followed, and Volcom eventually paid up.

But Zoltan is still at it, and his latest kickflip is by far the smoothest we’ve seen!

Some older videos of Zoltan’s kick flips:

A lot of people think the kickflip just isn’t going to “stick” in surfing… the style just isn’t right.
I kind of agree.

What do you think? Stylish or just a novelty?

John John Florence duck dive

If you follow surfing at all, then I’m sure you’ve already seen this.

But I had to get it on the blog because it’s the weirdest/coolest thing I’ve seen in surfing.

John John is an animal, and his only “workouts” consist of surfing and more surfing.

Getting a nice clean, deep duckdive can be difficult enough. But watch JJF as he goes from one end of the pool to the other, all with a strange but impressive duckdive motion.

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