Channel Islands Bunny Chow Review – Surf Like Jordy?

Channel Islands Bunny Chow Review – Surf Like Jordy?

Bunny Chow Surfboard Review

Jordy Smith has been on fire the last year or two, and I think we all would love to surf like him.

The Channel Islands Bunny Chow has been his board of choice in poor to fair conditions.

Jordy says he loves how it keeps speed in cutbacks, which he does plenty of!

Apparently Bunny Chow is a South African food (where Jordy is from)… a curry dish in a bread bowl or something.

Bunny Chow Dimensions

On the bottom of this board you will see carbon fiber strips along the center, which stiffens the flex of the board. Some people think that this helps create speed, while creating a flex point on the tail which gives some spring out of turns. Probably not noticeable by most surfers though.

Full, boxy rails make it more skatey down the line, but less responsive to immediate maneuvering. These rails could help keep you buoyant through turns, where a board with thinner rails might sink or bog down.

The Bunny Chow has a good amount of nose rocker, but still a lot of foam up front to help it paddle. The rocker is also useful for creating a “track” for the board to follow as it cuts through the water during aggressive cutbacks.

Tail rocker is slightly below average, taking away some of the tight pivot a board could have, but adding direction toward the shoulder, and drive off the bottom.

There’s a lot of width in the back 3rd of the board, which is useful for climbing up the face of a wave after a bottom turn, especially in flat face waves and especially for back-footed surfers.

The swallow tail adds grip to the water, even though the rear is slightly wider than average.

Mostly single concave bottom, turning into double concave at the rear fin.

Because of the volume distribution throughout the board, the Bunny Chow might best be suited for surfers who put a lot of weight on their rear foot, and those who have a narrow stance.

If you’re an intermediate to advanced surfer looking for a board to surf in waist high to a couple feet overhead waves, you might want to give the Bunny Chow a shot.


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