Channel Islands Fred Rubble Surfboard Review

Channel Islands Fred Rubble Surfboard Review

Fred Rubble Surfboard Review

The Fred Rubble (not to be confused with Barney Rubble sushi roll) is the Channel Islands surfboard designed by Connor Coffin.

Connor loves surfing point breaks, but that’s not all this board is good for! Even Kelly Slater started using the Fred Rubble as his go-to board.

Check out Connor and Parker Coffin riding the Fred Rubble in this video:

  • Domed deck provides more leverage to push into turns and bury rails.
  • Might not be forgiving enough for a beginner.
  • Squash tail makes it easier to slide around and throw tail. Also makes the board less drivey.

The wide point is a bit forward on the board, which helps with paddling and down the line speed. It also might help you if you surf heavy on your front foot instead of your back foot.

Skip ahead to 3:40 in this video… in the beginning he just talks about his Youtube channel, because this is one of his first videos from when he just started his channel.

While it might not be the best board for a beginner, if you know how to ride a shortboard you will most likely appreciate the Fred Rubble. It has been one of the top-selling shortboards for the past few years.

NOTE: The Fred Rubble is still sold, however there is a new version of this board, called the Fred Stubble.


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