Chemistry Disk 2 Surfboard Review – Keeping it Local

Chemistry Disk 2 Surfboard Review – Keeping it Local

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Chemistry Disk 2 Surfboard Review

Would you rather buy a board from someone who surfs the same waves as you every day, or from someone who lives hundreds or thousands of miles away?

It probably makes more sense to buy from a shaper who knows your waves, and if you’re in the San Diego area you might want to check out Chemistry boards. They will also probably be a tad bit cheaper than the big names like Channel Islands or …Lost.

The Disk 2 stays thick throughout the entire length. The nose has a really interesting “beak” on it, because it’s so thick.

Really low rocker on the nose and tail. You can probably surf this board a few inches shorter than a normal shortboard, because of how much planing surface is active.

The elliptical tail outline gives it a nice smooth feeling when connecting turns, without a lot of release.

This board is one of the rare ones that can be fun in waves anywhere from knee high to a couple feet overhead. And for a whole range of surfers, from just past beginner all the way to advanced.


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