Competing in the SunDiego Am Slam Surf Contest

SunDiego Am Slam Surf Contest

First contest of the year! At least for me.

The level of talent in these small contests is pretty amazing, and I definitely am not on that level haha. But it’s fun to get some friends to enter, so I can at least compete against them.

This weekend Ian came down from LA for the SunDiego Am Slam, and my friend Marcelo was also in our heat. My goal was really just to beat Ian and not get last place.

The waves were pretty small (as is usually the case at these contests), so I surfed my Couch Potato. This helped me catch a handful of waves, and finish them off. Nothing risky, I just wanted to complete a couple rides. Ian only managed to get one wave, so he ended up with last place. Sorry bud! Haha I love beating him.

Am Slam Surf Results
I snuck away with 4th place, maybe next time I’ll make it out of my heat 😉

We took the competition to the ping pong table, then played a game of SKATE, and finished off the day with a pretty fun sunset surf.

It was a fun day, and I’m looking forward to the next contest!

Gear Seen in Video

Changing poncho:
Surfboard sock:
Surfboard leash:
Honeycomb fins:
GoPro mouth mount:


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