DIY GoPro Mouth Mount Instructions (5 Minute Mouth Mount)


Trying to get that perfect POV shot with your GoPro, but you don’t want to spend money on a mouth mount?

It’s possible to make your own for pretty cheap. Mine ended up costing around $15, but you can probably find the polymorph plastic cheaper at your local store.

DIY Mouth Mount Materials:

  • J-buckle clip/mount (or pretty much any clip that comes with your GoPro)
  • Polymorph plastic

Yes that’s all you need!

GoPro J-Buckle
GoPro J-Buckle

The bad part is that you can’t use your J-buckle for anything else after you turn it into a mouth mount. So make sure you don’t need it, or get an extra.

Polymorph plastic
Polymorph plastic

Polymorph plastic is plastic beads that melt together when you boil them. This allows you to shape the plastic into any shape you desire, and it gets super hard when it cools down.

I got mine for about $10 on, but then I had to pay like $6 for shipping. So if you go to your local hardware store you can probably get some for cheaper.

7 Simple Steps
    1. Attach J-buckle to your GoPro

Attach J-Buckle to GoPro

    1. Heat your polymorph plastic. You just have to estimate how much to use. It’s better to overestimate, and then you can just remove any excess when you are done shaping it around the J-buckle.
      Follow the heating instructions specific to your plastic, as it’s different for each product. I boiled mine for 2 minutes.

Heat your polymorph plastic

    1. Remove the plastic from the boiling water, and let it cool down until you can handle it.

Let the plastic cool down

    1. Form the warm plastic around your J-buckle.

Mold the plastic around the J buckle

    1. Gently bite onto the plastic (make sure it is cool enough) and let it form around your teeth.

Bite into the plastic

    1. Carefully take it out of your mouth, and quickly submerse it in ice water. This will cool it quickly and harden it. Try not to let it touch the pot when you dunk it, because you don’t want it to lose its shape.

Dunk the mount in water

  1. Once it has cooled down, it’s all ready to use! If there is any extra plastic or rough edges, you can sand it with a dremel tool or just plain sandpaper.


When biting down on the soft plastic, make sure the GoPro is pointed in the right direction. As you can see from the picture below, the GoPro was not aligned correctly when he bit down to form the plastic.

Homemade GoPro mouth mount

It seems simple, but it’s easy to forget in the moment.

Benefits of making your own mouth mount:

  • Cheaper than buying a mouth mount
  • Fast (about 5 minutes total time)

Drawbacks of making your own mouth mount:

  • Hard and uncomfortable in your mouth
  • Not breathable (Ho Stevie mounts have air channels for unrestricted breathing)
  • Ruins your J-buckle. If you like using your J-buckle for other mounts, like the surfboard mount, then you’ll need to buy another one. You really can’t remove the polymorph plastic once it cools.

Let me know if you need any help, and please share if this helped you!

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