Drone Footage of Swamis – El Nino 2016

Drone Footage of Swamis – El Nino 2016

Surfing Swamis

Swami’s a really good right-hand point break… and perfection always brings a crowd.

Personally I hate surfing crowded waves, so I don’t surf Swami’s very often. But it’s fun to watch from the cliff above!

This day called for 6-10 foot waves, so I packed up the camera gear and my girlfriend, and we headed out for some early morning viewing.

We saw dolphins, a whale, plenty of drop-ins, and even some barrels. Thank you El Nino!

Anthony filmed this one with his drone again (check his Youtube channel)

And I filmed with my Handycam and tripod, here’s the raw footage:
(Had a great time talking to John the Shaman!)

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