Firewire Nano Surfboard Review

Firewire Nano Surfboard Review

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Firewire Nano Surfboard Review

The Firewire Nano has a less extreme version of Daniel Thompson’s Modern Planing Hull (MPH). The nose and tail are noticeably more narrow than the middle of the board, which is how most shortboards are designed.

The Nano concaves are also less deep than on the Vanguard. On the Nano, you’ll feel more of a smooth, flowing experience from rail to rail. Though the outline and hull still are designed to give you more speed than most shortboards.

Here’s a little edit that Timmy Reyes put together. Not the best quality or angle, but you can get an idea what it’s like to surf the Nano:

The wide point is pretty far forward on this board, and you’ll notice a smooth and continuous rocker throughout the whole board. Be careful not to get a Nano that is too long, because you want your front foot to be placed right over that wide sweet spot.

Fun board for intermediate to advanced surfers in waves that have a little bit of a pocket and noticeable power. Anything from waist high to 8 feet.


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