Firewire Timbertek Baked Potato Surfboard Review

Firewire Timbertek Baked Potato Surfboard Review

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Firewire Timbertek Baked Potato Review

The most common misconception about this surfboard is that you’re looking at a veneer.

If you don’t know what a veneer is, it’s just a layer that’s there for decoration and doesn’t have any structural integrity.

Firewire’s Timbertek construction uses a 3mm sheet of Paulownia wood on the hull and on the deck.

Paulownia wood is really exciting when it comes to building surfboards, because it deals with water better than any of the other woods that are traditionally used to make surfboards.

It’s also very strong, considering how light it is.

Paulownia wood is made on plantations, so these surfboards are more eco-friendly.

With this board, they shape an EPS foam blank into the shape of the Baked Potato.

Following that, they put 1 sheet of 4oz glass onto the deck, and they use bio-resin to sandwich the Paulownia wood to the foam.

Bio-resin is a surfboard resin made partially out of plant matter, by a company called Entropy.

Once the wood is sandwiched onto the foam, they install the parabolic stringers that most Firewire boards use.

Once the board is totally encased in Paulownia, they just put one little strip of fiberglass around the rails to cover the seams, and then they add a hot coat to the board (no laminating layer). They are able to skip the laminating layer because of how strong Paulownia wood is.

What we get in the end, is a surfboard that uses much less resin and fiberglass than a regular polyurethane board… and the resin that it does use is bio-resin.

The Timbertek Baked Potato has earned ECOBOARD certification from

Now onto the shape of the board…

  • The Baked Potato is really thick, but the down rails get nice and narrow so you can hold them tight.
  • Rounded diamond tail make it less slidey, and more drivey through turns.
  • Flat deck allows lots of volume to be packed into a shorter design.

Here’s a clip of the Timbertek Baked Potato being surfed in small waves at Noosa:

If you’re looking for a small-wave board that’s eco-friendly, the Timbertek Baked Potato is the one for you!


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