GoPro and Red Bull Partner Up in Multi-Year Deal

GoPro and Red Bull Partner Up in Multi-Year Deal

GoPro and Red Bull partnership

Two of the best content producers have teamed up in a multi-year deal that includes content production, distribution, cross-promotion and product innovation.

You’ve probably seen the videos from both GoPro and Red Bull on Youtube.

“Who is JOB?” is one of the many mini-series produced by Red Bull.

And then of course GoPro has about a million of the most amazing POV surf videos.

So it only makes sense for them to partner up.

As part of the agreement, Red Bull will receive equity in GoPro and GoPro will become Red Bull’s exclusive provider of point-of-view imaging technology for capturing immersive footage of Red Bull’s media productions and events.

Now I’m not sure how this partnership will affect their content, as GoPro cameras are used in pretty much every video from the sugary energy drink company anyways… but GoPro can definitely use a helping hand from the big dogs, before their stock falls off the map.

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