Hurley Advantage Plus Wetsuit Review – 3/2 Fullsuit

7TILL8 Wetsuit Falling Apart

UPDATE: We now produce our very own Ho Stevie! wetsuits… after years of testing other brands’ wetsuits like this Hurley Advantage Plus, we have crafted a premium wetsuit that is WARM, STRETCHY, and DURABLE. (And only $199.97)
Keep reading to see Hurley’s flaws, which we make sure to avoid.

“What wetsuit should I try next?”

It’s always hard to decide.

: Hurley Advantage Plus Wetsuit Review – 3/2 Fullsuit

Luckily I won this Hurley Advantage Plus 3/2mm fullsuit from a video contest, so the decision was made for me.

(If you’re curious, my winning video was Pokemon Go, remember that one?)

It was perfect timing to get this wetsuit, because the water temps were dropping in San Diego, and I was getting chilly! My Xcel 3/2 is a couple years old and letting in some water, and even my 1-year-old 7TILL8 4/3 wetsuit is pretty ragged.


So I put the Hurley Advantage Plus to the test, to see if this 3/2mm was warmer than my year-old 4/3 from 7TILL8.

FIT: 10/10

How The Wetsuit Fits

LOVE the fit on this wetsuit!

I’m 6’1″, 155lbs, and the Medium Tall size fits me perfectly.

Good length on the ankles and wrists, and it hugs the jewels nicely ? (Unlike the baggy-ness on my 7TILL8).

Really easy to get on and off. PS… do yourself a favor and cop a changing poncho.


I’ve gotta say, I think this 3/2 Hurley Advantage Plus is just as warm as last year’s 4/3 from 7TILL8.

I was surprised!

It’s really easy to move in, and of course it has a key loop pocket in the leg (some wetsuits don’t, for whatever reason)
Ho Stevie! leashes have a key pocket in the ankle cuff, but I prefer to keep my key in my wetsuit.

Key Loop Pocket in Hurley Advantage Plus


It was all going so well…

But after surfing in this wetsuit for about a month, I noticed that the stitching on one of the knees is starting to unravel.

Hurley Advantage Plus unraveling knee

I’ve contacted Hurley about this, but they haven’t gotten back to me yet.


Besides that problem, I really like the Advantage Plus.

Oh, and the white stripes on the leg are subtle, yet help your friend on the beach pick you out from the crowd.

I’ll update this post if I hear back from Hurley about the knee stitching.

Who’s on the Hurley bandwagon?

*** UPDATE 2/22/19 ***
So Back in December, I DM’d Hurley on Instagram and Facebook, and they gave me an email address to contact ( if you need it yourself).

I emailed them December 7th explaining this situation, with a link to my video.

And waited…

Finally, 5 weeks later (January 15th) I received a response.

After a little back and forth (they needed more pictures, model number, etc) they agreed to replace the wetsuit.

I sent the damaged Advantage Plus back to them (they paid for the return shipping label after I asked them to) and my brand new wetsuit arrived about a week later, with no loose threads this time ?

Now, did they only give me this treatment because of my Youtube channel and blog? Quite possibly. I always wonder in situations like this.

Either way, I have a fresh wetsuit for spring, so I’m stoked! ?

Hey I'm Stevie, and I started this company (Ho Stevie!) in 2014 so I could bring more value to surfers like you. I want to build the best surf gear, at the best price for you, and provide the best service. (Over 100,000 happy customers agree!) I surf with our products every day here in San Diego, and when I'm not surfing, I'm working with my team to create the most entertaining and educational content about surfing (hence this blog). Drop a comment or email me if there's anything I can help you with!


  1. Hi, Stevie. I have no Youtube channel and blog. But Hyperlite replace me wakeboard after 6 month warranty expiration ))) They agreed to factory defect! So, maybe all of dem are good people!))

  2. I wouldn’t buy a hurley wetsuit or anything hurley again in my life for that matter . I used the 2mm advantage plus but after 6 weeks of use the seam seal on the outside started to crack and peel off round the arm pits . Then if you look closely it was all cracking i took it back to the shop where i bought it from ..and after a couple of days i got a phone call from the shop telling me hurley sent them a very blunt msg and they wont replace the suit . There reply was i haven’t looked after it .. witch is bullshit the thing is 6 weeks old for god sake … and at a cost of over 500 i would expect a bit better service on there part …DONT EVER BUY HURLEY THEY ARE A BUNCH OF WANKERS


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