…Lost Bean Bag Surfboard Review – The Best Small Wave Board?

…Lost Bean Bag Surfboard Review – The Best Small Wave Board?

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Lost Bean Bag Surfboard Review

When I bought my Couch Potato, I thought I was buying the best small wave “short” board.

Then a few days later, I saw the Bean Bag. I was kind of upset at first, but I got a good deal on my Couch Potato, so it’s all good. They are very similar boards anyways.

Bean Bag Features:

  • Extremely wide through the entire length of the board (wider back end than the Couch Potato)
  • Thick, full rails
  • Bottom V contour makes it easier to initiate turns on such a wide board
  • All this volume in a board that is shorter than your standard shortboard!
  • Super stable and easy to ride, even for beginning surfers.

The Bean Bag is best for waves that are more laid back and open-faced, not hollow barreling waves.

It’s a very fast board, so you might want to use stiffer, bigger fins if you have them.

Don’t want to strap a longboard to your roof to catch the small summer waves? Throw the Bean Bag in your trunk with the seats folded down. Plenty of volume for those tiny summer days.

If you’re looking for a “short” board to surf in sub-4-foot waves, I think the …Lost Bean Bag is your best bet!


    • It’s meant to be ridden a lot shorter than a normal shortboard… so maybe like 5’0? I have a 5’10” and I’m 165lbs, and it’s a lot of foam! I just wanted to get as much foam as possible though, to replace my Wavestorm. But if you want more maneuverability, definitely get a shorter one.

  1. Hey guys

    Just looking at getting a hybrid mini Mal/ groveller to fit into my quiver between a 33L lost puddle jumper and a 9ft tripple stringer Log, the puddle jumper is great but I want this new board to be suitable for your fuller smaller conditions and paddle a bit easier in situations where you have to paddle upto 600m before you can actually start surfing( bay surfs and Waikiki-queens type waves). Quite often this is when the 9ft log comes out however it’s a little tedious trying to load that up if not sure if conditions will suit.

    Looking for something under 7ft so will fit in board bags and am currently tossing up between a chronic ninjah noserider and a lost bean bag, I’m 6′ 73kg and a decent surf fitness and just wondering if anyone’s ridden either of these boards in similar type conditions and how they performed? The bean bag max length is 6ft but that comes in around 45L and still seems quite short so am interested in feedback on these and whether you think it would work in Waikiki waves


    • Maybe reach out to …Lost about this, they can probably help you a lot better. My Couch Potato was 40 liters, and I’m around 160lbs.
      I think that was a bit much board for me, but that’s also what I was going for. A board with tons of volume to catch all the waves.

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