…Lost Couch Potato Review : Can it out-fun a Wavestorm?

…Lost Couch Potato Review : Can it out-fun a Wavestorm?

Lost Couch Potato Review

$100 for a foam longboard (Wavestorm) from Costco is a great deal.

I even snapped mine in half, and they replaced it for free.

The Wavestorm can make even the smallest summer days fun to surf. But there’s just not much you can do on it. Some floaters maybe, but that’s about it. At least for me.

I started wondering if it was possible to make a surfboard that was the same volume as a Wavestorm, but only around 6′ long. I did some research, and apparently Wavestorms have about 80 liters of volume.

The biggest Couch Potato is 45 liters, but I actually couldn’t find a shop that carried that size. I saw a 5’10” (40.8 liters) on sale at RealWaterSports.com (maybe because …Lost just came out with the Bean Bag?). Normal price $710, sale price $500.

I couldn’t wait any longer! Shipping from the East Coast would cost around $70, but tax here in California would be close to that amount, if I bought it from a shop. Plus I could get it delivered to my door in a week, instead of waiting forever for a local shop to get one ordered for me.

I ordered it (and paid $100 for 3-5 day shipping). They do an amazing job packing boards for shipping. Check out their video:

Lost Couch PotatoSo I’ve only ridden it a few times so far, due to lack of waves.

I guess it’s not totally what I was thinking it would be. It does not replace the Wavestorm. If the waves are 1 foot, I would still prefer the Wavestorm. Same for really windy conditions.

But in 2-4 foot surf the Couch Potato is pretty fun. It’s really fast and easy to pump. Extremely difficult to duck dive too, but that’s a good thing I guess. I wanted a floaty board and that’s what I got!
It’s a lot floatier than my other shortboards (about 13 extra liters of volume) but it’s only 5’10” so I can still do turns… and 360 attempts. I’ll land one someday 🙂

Hopefully the next few days have some fun waves so I can play around with the Couch Potato some more!
But to answer the question in this post’s title… yes the Couch Potato out-funs the Wavestorm in cleaner waves over 2 feet! Wavestorm wins for smaller or windier days.

Anyone else have one of these, or something similar?


  1. What’s your weight? I’m contemplating the same exact question, but I am 188lbs so 45 liters may not do it. I was looking to get into maybe 6.0 catch surf log or something with 55 liters or more

  2. I’m 5’7 145 pounds I been surfing catch surf log 7 foot and it a great learner board but I want my first fiberglass board to be something similar but not as long.. I keep playing with the build your board feature but I fell like I should make it at 6 foot 23 inches wide which makes about 41 liters.. . The board calculated says I should do 5’8 .. what do you think?

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