…Lost Driver Surfboard Review – Driving in the Ocean

…Lost Driver Surfboard Review – Driving in the Ocean

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...Lost Driver surfboard review

The …Lost Driver is an older board, but it was a very popular high-performance shortboard, and it still is today.

Check out this video of Cory Lopez driving his Driver through some right points… you need to watch the last barrel in this vid!

Standard domed deck with just slightly thicker rails than your standard shortboard.

Some people think nose rocker is there so you don’t dig the nose into the wave when you drop in, aka pearling, but it does more than that. It helps us turn, and pump up the face of the wave, because the rocker outline fits into the shape of the wave. The Driver has a good amount of nose rocker, because it’s meant for performance surfing.

There’s a lot of single concave in the bottom, which tells us that it’s probably best surfed in decent-good waves.


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