…Lost Short Round Surfboard Review – Just Like it Sounds

…Lost Short Round Surfboard Review – Just Like it Sounds

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Lost Short Round surfboard review

You can tell from the name, this board is short, round, chunky, and great for smaller summer waves.

Lots of single concave under the Short Round gives it that “on top of the water” feeling, instead of “down in the water”. Some might describe the single concave as an engine for gaining speed, especially with a board this wide.

Here’s Shaw Kobayashi ripping on the Short Round, in some less than stellar SoCal waves:

The wide point in this board is slightly forward from center, which makes it easier to generate speed when your front foot is farther up on the board.

A narrower tail keeps the board from gaining speed too quickly when dropping down the face of a wave, while making it easier to squeeze in tighter turns.

The wide nose improves small wave performance, while possibly making it easier to land floaters (more stable surface to land on).

Low rocker overall keeps the Short Round speeding through flat spots on the wave.

It’s probably going to feel more speedy than your standard shortboard, and you can surf it 4-6 inches shorter!
But it will be sensitive enough to control your speed with your back foot, so you don’t just blow past all the sections with too much speed.

You’ll probably have the most fun surfing the Short Round in 3-6 foot waves that don’t barrel, although it can be surfed in even smaller waves.


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