Maya Gabeira Gets Naked, Dead, and Rich

Maya Gabeira Gets Naked, Dead, and Rich

Maya Gabeira

Have you heard of Maya Gabeira?

You might not have, since she doesn’t surf contests. But she’s still finding ways to make good money!

Maybe you saw Maya in ESPN’s body issue a couple years ago, or perhaps you heard of her almost dying while surfing massive waves in Nazarre. (I think technically she did die, and they revived her).

She’s a badass bitch. And sexy.
And sexy pays.

Maya just signed a deal with Lululemon, and now she’s rumored to be the highest-paid big wave surfer. Not bad!

I guess the moral of the story is… girls, keep posting sexy pics on Instagram, they could make you rich someday 😉

Watch Maya’s big wave wipeout here:



  1. All jokes aside, I think I have a problem with that, like any other surfer. Most men are bitching about her being the highest paid big wave surfer, because she’s good looking, Brazilian – since Medina, being Brazilian has become a problem haha – and she is a woman, not over her skills, as if they were right to bitch.

    I am bothered by it as well, but I don’t think men should. There was even this critical article on StabMag about it. I mean, she should be known for what she does and not how she looks, but why am I picking on men, right now? Simply because men make the surf industry act this way, and then complain, when something like that happens. In my life, I’ve met awesomely skilled female surfers that weren’t precisely good looking, but killed it. They didn’t get sponsored, because they weren’t good looking, instead a chick half as good and twice as pretty did. So. We all know that’s what happens. But I as a female, have every right to think that’s wrong, and if men are so bothered by it, they should make an effort to change how females are perceived in the sport. I wonder where we would be if Bethany Hamilton still had both arms…

    • Personally, I think it’s great! Just because she’s a surfer, doesn’t mean she has to make money surfing. This chick knows how to market herself.

      • Yeah… I see your point. It still bugs me though. I’m dying to see a woman surfing, and not posing nude, or posing at all, to sell themselves, instead of their talent and just getting recognition for being great at it. You see it happen with men all the time, but with women it’s not common. I guess if you were a girl, you’d understand where I’m coming from.

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