McCoy Nugget Surfboard Review – The Real McCoy

McCoy Nugget Surfboard Review – The Real McCoy

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McCoy Nugget surfboard review

This is another odd shape, but everyone needs a little weirdness in their life!

Look closely, and you’ll see that this board doesn’t have any concave on the bottom of it. Instead, it has convex, a gentle curve from rail to rail. This makes it easier to transition from one rail to the other in turns, with a nice flow.

When the bottom convex meets the tail rocker, it provides a kind of all-around pivot point for the board.

There is a ton of volume packed into the Nugget, but a lot of it is in the back end of the board, which helps you keep it under control.

This board probably shines most in bigger waves about shoulder high to double overhead, and for surfers who want ultimate control and high volume paddling.


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