Panda Black Moon Surfboard Review – Howl at This Board

Panda Black Moon Surfboard Review – Howl at This Board

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Panda Black Moon surfboard review

The Black Moon is a beautifully designed board overall. You might notice that nothing really stands out about the board, but it is designed very nicely.

Smooth rocker from tail to nose, without any big changes to its curvature. The tail also lacks any sharp edge that you would normally see on a squash tail or straight tail. It’s often said that sharp angles in your tail can create sharp angles in your turns. With a tail this round, you’ll feel a continuous linking of your turns, as if every maneuver you do flows right into the next one.

Slight double concave on the back end helps it control speed better, and makes it a bit more fluid going rail to rail.

The Black Moon does a great job at generating speed in good waves lets you mash out some clean wide arcs in the face. If you surf a lot of good head high waves, this might be a board to add to your quiver.


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