Proctor G4E Plus Surfboard Review – Bulletproof Surfboard?

Proctor G4E Plus surfboard review

The Proctor G4E Plus might look a little different than other surfboards you’ve seen… and it is.

With its new method of construction, it is incredibly durable, but also very pricey. Like $1000+.

The outer layer of this board is a special bead of epoxy resin that Proctor uses to solve the problem of epoxy boards feeling “ping-pongy”. If you’ve ever surf an epoxy board, you may have experienced a feeling like your surfboard could blow away on a windy day. So the bead of expoxy resin on the G4E Plus isn’t too light, but it’s still very durable.

Beneath that bead of epoxy resin is one sheet of S-glass. Beneath the S-glass are the black lines that you can see. These lines are a carbon/kevlar mesh. It’s used for its ability to create strength in a surfboard, while still being able to flex. You can see the mesh doesn’t cover the nose or the tail, which allows those areas to flex more, kind of like a snowboard.

This board doesn’t have a stringer through the middle, but opts for parabolic stringers around the rails. And they aren’t even made out of wood! They are polymer, which doesn’t break if the board gets flexed too much.

The bottom concave of this board keeps your speed flowing smoothly.

So have you figured out what G4E stands for yet?
… Good 4 Everything.

Yup, it’s a performance shortboard that you can make work in most waves! If you find yourself breaking too many boards, you might want to pay the extra price for this one, and it should last you a lot longer.


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