Proctor Pipsqueak Surfboard Review – Small but Powerful

Proctor Pipsqueak Surfboard Review – Small but Powerful

Proctor Pipsqueak surfboard review

The Pipsqueak has quite a bit of single concave underneath, given the fact that there’s not much rocker. Usually if there’s a lot of concave, it’s because the board has a lot of rocker.

So with minimal rocker and lots of single concave, you get a board with lots of grip and drive. That helps you do really critical turns.

The step-rail, wing in the tail, and channels on the bottom of the tail, all allow you really slide the tail around easily.

The Pipsqueak will work really well in mushy 3 foot waves, allowing you to bring shortboard style ripping to small gutless waves.


  1. Has anyone ridden this board that can give a performance review? Your description doesn’t really show consistency with what we see of Nick Rosza riding the Pipsqueak in all kinds of SoCaL waves and how Proctor describes it. So, it’s good for gutless surf as you mention,… anything else?

    • I’ve been riding mine in the South Shore of O’ahu. The thing works great in overhead conditions configured as a quad. It’s sooo fast. I make sections that I never used to before.

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